Recent advances in rotational seismology have led to new applications in various geophysical disciplines such as earthquake physics, broadband seismology, seismic exploration, strong ground motion, and earthquake engineering. The progress is mainly driven by the development of new, sensitive rotational sensors that, when combined with classical seismometers and strain sensors, enable the complete observation of seismic ground motion.

The instrumental development overlap with considerable improvements in optical and atom interferometry for inertial rotation and gravity sensing which has led to a variety of improved sensor concepts over the last two decades. Thus, advanced instrumentation enables applications in seismology, geodesy, and fundamental physics.

We invite all contributions on theoretical advances to the seismic wavefield gradient, on novel measurement techniques, and on all aspects of applications in seismic, seismology, geodesy, and fundamental physics.

Co-organized as G6.2
Convener: Stefanie Donner | Co-conveners: André Gebauer, Christian Schubert, David Sollberger
| Wed, 10 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Room D2
| Attendance Wed, 10 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall X2

Attendance time: Wednesday, 10 April 2019, 10:45–12:30 | Hall X2

Chairperson: S. Donner, A. Gebauer
Rotational Ground Motion and their Applications
Hall X2
X2.432 |
Zbigniew Zembaty and Piotr Bońkowski
Hall X2
X2.433 |
Toward a study of the effect of rotational motions on linear seismic measurements
Damien Ponceau, Frederic Guattari, Franck Larsonnier, Serge Olivier, Anne-Sophie Morlens, Olivier Sebe, and Theo Laudat
Hall X2
X2.434 |
Andreino Simonelli, Nicolò Beverini, Angela Di Virgilio, Umberto Giacomelli, and Enrico Maccioni
Hall X2
X2.435 |
Shihao Yuan, Heiner Igel, Joachim Wassermann, Felix Bernauer, André Gebauer, and Ulrich Schreiber
Hall X2
X2.436 |
Stefanie Donner, Moritz Bernauer, Michael Reinwald, Céline Hadziioannou, Babak Hejrani, Marija Mustac, Hrvoje Tkalcic, and Heiner Igel
Hall X2
X2.437 |
Taufiq Taufiqurrahman, Shihao Yuan, Lion Krischer, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, and Heiner Igel
Hall X2
X2.438 |
Discriminating transient long period deformation signal from permanent rotation on a portable rotation sensor
Coralie Aubert, olivier coutant, frederic Guattari, and théo laudat
Hall X2
X2.439 |
Pascal Edme, Everhard Muyzert, Nicolas Goujon, Nihed Allouche, and Ed Kragh
Hall X2
X2.440 |
Frédéric Guattari, Theo Laudat, Elliot De Toldi, Camille Roudier, Olivier Mannessier, and Olivier Jolly
Hall X2
X2.441 |
Theo Laudat, Felix Bernauer, Damien Ponceau, Frederic Guattari, Joachim Wassermann, and Heiner Igel
Hall X2
X2.442 |
Pierrick Cheiney, Brynle Barrett, Simon Templier, Baptiste Battelier, Philippe Bouyer, Henri Porte, and Fabien Napolitano
Hall X2
Applied interferometric sensing of inertial rotation, strain and gravity
Hall X2
X2.443 |
Karl Ulrich Schreiber, Heiner Igel, André Gebauer, Jan Kodet, and Joachim Wassermann
Hall X2
X2.444 |
André Gebauer, Ulrich Schreiber, Heiner Igel, Felix Bernauer, and Sven Egdorf
Hall X2
X2.445 |
Monika Tercjak, André Gebauer, Ulrich Schreiber, and Aleksander Brzeziński
Hall X2
X2.446 |
Dong He, Yulin Li, Yangjun Wu, Yuwen Cao, Chao Peng, and Zhengbin Li
Hall X2
X2.447 |
Angela D. V. Di Virgilio
Hall X2
X2.448 |
Christian Schubert, Sven Abend, Waldemar Herr, Dennis Schlippert, Wolfgang Ertmer, and Ernst Rasel
Hall X2
X2.449 |
Wenjie Xu, Minkang Zhou, Ling Cheng, Jie Liu, and Zhongkun Hu