This session welcomes abstracts on the gas giant planets and Pluto systems, including their internal structures, atmospheres, magnetospheres, satellites and rings and coupling processes within those systems. Abstracts on observations from space and from the ground, modelling are also solicited. Supporting laboratory investigations and concepts for future space missions and Earth-based observations are also relevant to this session.

Convener: Athena Coustenis | Co-conveners: Nicolas Altobelli, Sushil K. Atreya, Glenn Orton, Christina Plainaki
| Tue, 09 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Room L8, Wed, 10 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Room L3
| Attendance Wed, 10 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Hall X4

Attendance time: Wednesday, 10 April 2019, 16:15–18:00 | Hall X4

Chairperson: O. Mousis and L. Spilker
X4.81 |
| solicited
Alexandre Boissinot, Aymeric Spiga, Sandrine Guerlet, Simon Cabanes, and Frédéric Hourdin
Chairperson: O. Mousis and L. Spilker
X4.82 |
| solicited
Christina Plainaki, Giuseppe Sindoni, Luigi Cafarelli, Davide Grassi, Anna Milillo, Alessandro Mura, Alessandra Migliorini, and Giuseppe Piccioni
Chairperson: O. Mousis and L. Spilker
X4.83 |
Roland J. Wagner, Nico Schmedemann, Stephanie C. Werner, James W. Head, Katrin Stephan, Katrin Krohn, Thomas Roatsch, Harald Hoffmann, Ralf Jaumann, and Pasquale Palumbo
Chairperson: O. Mousis and L. Spilker
X4.84 |
| solicited
Martin Volwerk
Chairperson: O. Mousis and L. Spilker
X4.85 |
Yuri Shprits, Doug Menietti, Alexander Drozdov, Richard Horne, Emma Woodfield, Joseph Groene, Maria de Soria-Santacruz, Terrance Averkamp, Henry Garrett, Christopher Paranicas, and Donald Gurnett
Chairperson: O. Mousis and L. Spilker
X4.86 |
Štěpán Štverák, Ondřej Šebek, Pavel Trávníček, Raymond J. Walker, and Petr Hellinger
Chairperson: O. Mousis and L. Spilker
X4.87 |
| solicited
Krishan Khurana, Chris Paranicas, and George Hospodarsky
Chairperson: O. Mousis and L. Spilker
X4.88 |
| solicited
Pierre Guiot, Mathieu Vincendon, John Carter, Benoît Lecomte, François Poulet, Paul Lami, and Yves Langevin
Chairperson: O. Mousis and L. Spilker
X4.89 |
| Highlight
Anezina Solomonidou, Alice Le Gall, Michael Malaska, Samuel Birch, Rosaly Lopes, Athena Coustenis, Sebastien Rodriguez, Stephen Wall, Roger Michaelides, Maya Nasr, Charles Elachi, Alexander Hayes, Jason Soderblom, Ashley Schoenfeld, Christos Matsoukas, Pierre Drossart, Michael Janssen, Kenneth Lawrence, Olivier Witasse, and Jani Radebaugh
Chairperson: O. Mousis and L. Spilker
X4.90 |
Simon Portegies Zwart, Inti Pelupessy, Henk Dijkstra, and Ben van Werkhoven