Continental rifting is a multi-facetted process spanning from the inception of extension to continental rupture or the formation of a failed rift. This session aims at combining new data sets, concepts and techniques elucidating the structure and dynamics of rifts and rifted margins. We invite submissions highlighting the time-dependent evolution of processes such as initiation of faults and ductile shear zones, tectono-magmatic and sedimentary history, lithospheric necking and rift strength loss, influence of the pre-rift lithospheric structure, mantle dynamics and associated effects on rifting processes, as well as continental break-up and the transition to sea-floor spreading. We encourage contributions using multi-disciplinary and innovative methods from field geology, geochronology, seismology, geodesy, marine geophysics, plate reconstruction, or modeling. Focus regions may include but are not limited to the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean and South China Sea (e.g. IODP 367/368 area) rifted margins, or the East African, Eger, Baikal and Gulf of California rift systems. Special emphasis will be given to presentations that provide an integrated picture by combining results from active rifts, passive margins, failed rift arms or by bridging the temporal and spatial scales associated with rifting.

Co-organized as GD5.6/GMPV2.12/SM1.24
Convener: Sascha Brune | Co-conveners: Carmen Gaina, Giacomo Corti, Nick Kusznir
| Mon, 08 Apr, 10:45–12:30, 14:00–15:45
Room K1
| Attendance Wed, 10 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Hall X2

Attendance time: Wednesday, 10 April 2019, 08:30–10:15 | Hall X2

Chairperson: Sascha Brune
X2.121 |
Jan Tomasek, Jonas Kley, and David Hindle
X2.123 |
Megan Korchinski, Christian Teyssier, Patrice Rey, Donna Whitney, and Luke Mondy
X2.124 |
Ali Abdelkhalek and Jonas Kley
X2.125 |
Giacomo Corti, Raffaello Cioni, Zara Franceschini, Federico Sani, Scaillet Stephane, Paola Molin, Ilaria Isola, Francesco Mazzarini, Sascha Brune, Derek Keir, Asfaw Erbello, Ameha Muluneh, Finnigan Illsley-Kemp, and Anne Glerum
X2.126 |
Ameha Muluneh, Sascha Brune, Giacomo Corti, Derek Keir, and Tesfaye Kidane
X2.127 |
Stéphanie Dumont, Yann Klinger, Anne Socquet, Javier Escartín, Raphaël Grandin, Eric Jacques, Sarah Medynski, and Cécile Doubre
X2.128 |
Alexis Nutz, Théa Ragon, Mathieu Schuster, and Jean-Loup Rubino
X2.131 |
Stephen E. Watkins, Rebecca E. Bell, Alexander C. Whittaker, Robert L. Gawthorpe, Lisa C. McNeill, Casey W. Nixon, Sofia Pechlivanidou, Dimitris Sakellariou, and Patience A. Cowie
X2.132 |
Pauline Chenin, Thibault Duretz, Stefan M. Schmalholz, and Gianreto Manatschal
X2.133 |
Constraining heat flow, subsidence/uplift and sedimentation histories of rifted margins
Marta Pérez-Gussinyé, Yanfang Xin, Miguel Andrés-Martínez, and Mario Araujo
X2.134 |
Loic Fourel and Susanne Buiter
X2.135 |
Vladimir Zakharov, Natalia Lubnina, and Taras Gerya
X2.136 |
Numerical investigation of continental extension in heterogeneous cratonic lithosphere, constrained by observations from the Labrador Sea
Mohamed Gouiza, John Naliboff, and Douglas Paton
X2.139 |
Reappraisal of the Mid-Jurassic Central North Sea doming based on a compilation of the regional stratigraphy and denuation history.
Manfred Lafosse and Jeroen Smit
X2.141 |
Geoffroy Mohn, Michael Nirrengarten, Hans-Christian Larsen, Anders McCarthy, Weiwei Ding, and Frank Despinois
X2.142 |
Meng Zhang, Zhiping Wu, Yanjun Cheng, Yuqing Liu, Jie Zhang, Xingpeng Chen, and Mingming Chen
X2.143 |
Accurate Calculation of Loading Ratio of Elastic Slab Model: A Case Study of the South China Sea
Mingju Xu, Fei Ji, Zhaocai Wu, and Aiguo ruan
X2.144 |
Weiwei Ding, Zhen Sun, Geoffroy Mohn, Michael Nirrengarten, Julie Tugend, Gianreto Manatschal, and Jiabiao Li
X2.145 |
Egidio Armadillo, Fausto Ferraccioli, Laura Crispini, Andreas Laeufer, Antonia Ruppel, Duncan Young, Donald Blankenship, Frank Lisker, and Martin Siegert
X2.146 |
Florian Riefstahl, Karsten Gohl, Bryan Davy, Kaj Hoernle, Nick Mortimer, Reinhard Werner, Christian Timm, and Katharina Hochmuth
X2.147 |
Claire Mallard, Yu Sum Chan, Tristan Salles, and Romain Beucher
X2.148 |
Derek Neuharth, Sascha Brune, Anne Glerum, and Christian Heine
X2.149 |
Natasha Stanton, Nick Nick, Andres Andres, and Renata Schmitt
X2.151 |
Victor Sacek, João Marinho de Morais Neto, Paulo Marcos Vasconcelos, and Isabela de Oliveira Carmo
X2.153 |
Francesca Maddaloni, Damien Delvaux, Jessica Munch, Magdala Tesauro, Taras Gerya, and Carla Braitenberg