Significant uncertainties exist in our understanding of the CO2 and CH4 fluxes between land or ocean and atmosphere on regional and global scales. Remotely-sensed CO2 and CH4 observations provide a significant potential for improving our understanding of the natural carbon cycle and for the monitoring of anthropogenic emissions. Over the last few years, remote sensing technologies for measuring CO2 and CH4 from space, aircraft, and from the ground made great advances and new passive and active instruments from different platforms became available offering unprecedented accuracy and coverage.

This session is open to contributions related to all aspects of remote sensing of the greenhouse gases CO2 and CH4 from current, upcoming and planned satellite missions (e.g., OCO-2, TanSat, Sentinel 5P), as well as ground-based (e.g., TCCON), aircraft, other remote sensing instruments. This includes, e.g., advances in retrieval techniques, instrumentational concepts, and validation activities, but we specifically encourage contributions that focus on the interpretation of observations in respect to natural fluxes or anthropogenic emissions.

Convener: Maximilian Reuter | Co-conveners: Hartmut Boesch, Dietrich G. Feist, Sander Houweling, Justus Notholt
| Fri, 12 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Room 0.11
| Attendance Fri, 12 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Hall X5

Attendance time: Friday, 12 April 2019, 08:30–10:15 | Hall X5

Chairperson: Max Reuter
X5.321 |
| presentation
Benedikt Hemmer, Ralph Kleinschek, Marvin Knapp, Julian Kostinek, Soeren Rubner, Carsten Schneider, Frank Hase, and André Butz
X5.323 |
Rigel Kivi, Pauli Heikkinen, Juha Hatakka, Tuomas Laurila, Hannakaisa Lindqvist, and Huilin Chen
X5.324 |
Florian Dietrich, Jia Chen, Björn Reger, Jared Matzke, Andreas Forstmaier, Xiao Bi, Andreas Luther, Matthias Frey, Frank Hase, and André Butz
X5.325 |
Laurence Croize, Silvère Gousset, Etienne Le Coarer, Yann Ferrec, and Laure Brooker
X5.326 |
Matthieu Dogniaux, Cyril Crevoisier, Thibaud Thonat, Virginie Capelle, Raymond Armante, Thibault Delahaye, and Vincent Casse
X5.327 |
Jinxuan Chen, Christoph Gerbig, Julia Marshall, Fabio Boschetti, Michał Gałkowski, Frank-Thomas Koch, Christoph Kiemle, Axel Amediek, Andreas Fix, and Kai Uwe Totsche
X5.328 |
Marie-Thérèse El Kattar and Hervé Herbin
X5.329 |
Thomas Laemmel, Céline Lett, Mélissa Kouassi, Morgan Lopez, Michel Ramonet, Cyril Crevoisier, François Danis, Caroline Bes, Thorsten Warneke, Christof Petri, Yao Té, Pascal Jeseck, Marc Delmotte, Olivier Laurent, Léonard Rivier, and Philippe Ciais
X5.330 |
Jonas Wilzewski, Johan Strandgren, Bernhard Mayer, André Butz, Patrick Jöckel, Klaus Gierens, Mariano Mertens, Carsten Paproth, and Anke Roiger
X5.331 |
Christelle Pittet, Vincent Crombez, Denis Jouglet, Laurent Georges, Elodie Cansot, and Aurélien Albert-Aguilar
X5.332 |
The results of the mission instruments of GOSAT-2 on-orbit initial performance test
Masakatsu Nakajima, Makiko Hashimoto, Michito Sakai, Hiroshi Suto, Hiroko Imai, Eric Beaubien, and Glenn Davis
X5.333 |
Chisa Iwasaki, Ryoichi Imasu, Andrey Bril, Sergey Oshchepkov, Yukio Yoshida, Tatsuya Yokota, Vyacheslav Zakharov, Konstantin Gribanov, and Nikita Rokotyan
X5.334 |
Climatology of XCO2 using IASI from 2010 to 2018
Sebastien Payan, Claude Camy-Peyret, and Jérôme Bureau
X5.335 |
XCO2 retrieval from TanSat measurements during a ground-based synchronous observation experiment in Dunhuang
(withdrawn after no-show)
Shupeng Wang, Weihe Wang, Xingying Zhang, Peng Zhang, and Li Fang
X5.337 |
Estimation of CO2 fluxes in Australia using satellite observations from The Orbiting Carbon Observatory–2 (OCO-2): Preliminary results about uncertainty reduction.
Yohanna Villalobos Cortes, Peter Rayner, Steven Thomas, and Jeremy Silver
X5.338 |
Tomohiro Oda, Rostyslav Bun, Vitaliy Kinakh, Sha Feng, Thomas Lauvaux, James Wang, Randy Kawa, Shamil Maksyutov, Miguel Roman, Zhuosen Wang, Lesley Ott, and Steven Pawson
X5.340 |
Sensitivity of the CO2 global budget to subgrid-scale parameterizations
Marine Remaud and Frédéric Chevallier
X5.341 |
Amir Hossein Abdi, Julia Marshall, Christian Rödenbeck, Frank-Thomas Koch, and Christoph Gerbig