Co-organized by CL5.2
Convener: Werner Bauer | Co-conveners: Christian Kühnlein, Jemma Shipton, Hiroe Yamazaki

In weather prediction and climate modelling, numerical models of the Earth System are used extensively. For both the atmosphere and ocean components such models consist of a fluid dynamics solver (dynamical core) coupled to physical parameterizations to represent processes that occur below the grid scale (physics). Over time these models have become capable of sophisticated simulations. Research and development is constantly being undertaken to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the dynamical core, the physics, and their coupling.

This session encompasses the development, testing and application of novel numerical techniques for Earth system models, including governing equations, horizontal and vertical discretizations, structure preserving methods, time stepping schemes, advection schemes, adaptive multi-scale models, physics-dynamics coupling, regional and global models, classical and stochastic physical parameterizations (that are not covered in other sessions).