Games for Geoscience V
Convener: Christopher Skinner | Co-conveners: Rolf HutECSECS, Sam Illingworth, Elizabeth Lewis, Jazmin ScarlettECSECS

Games have the power to ignite imaginations and place you in someone else’s shoes or situation, often forcing you into making decisions from perspectives other than your own. This makes them powerful tools for communication, through use in outreach, disseminating research, in education and teaching at all levels, and as a method to train the public, practitioners and decision makers in order to build environmental resilience.
Games can also inspire innovative and fun approaches to learning. Gamification and game-based approaches add an extra spark of engagement and interaction with a topic. Gaming technology, like virtual reality, transports and immerses people into new worlds providing fascinating and otherwise impossible experiences for learners.
In this session we welcome contributions from anyone who has used games, gaming technology, and/or game-based approaches in their research, their teaching, or public engagement activities.
Celebrating its fifth year, the session will be supported by the legendary Games4Geo Games Night providing an opportunity to share and try games presented in this session. We welcome continuation of discussions in our Discord server - https://discord.gg/teQXBh5