Oral Programme NWP3


Data assimilation and use of observations in NWP
Convener: A. Cress 
Oral Programme
 / Wed, 14 Sep, 09:45–13:00  / Room Princeton
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Thu, 15 Sep, 16:00–17:00  / Poster Hall (Ground Floor)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011
Room Princeton
Chairperson: Alexander Cress
LETKF for the nonhydrostatic model COSMO-DE
H. Reich, A. Rhodin, and C. Schraff
EMS2011-185 | presentation
The impact of localization and observation averaging for convective-scale data assimilation in a simple stochastic model
G.C. Craig and M. Würsch
Development of 4D Relaxation Kalman Filter (4D-REKF) data assimilation for supporting weather-critical applications
Y. Liu, L. Pan, Y. Wu, A. Bourgeois, T. Warner, S. Swerdlin, J. Knievel, S. Halvorson, J. Pace, and F. Gallager
Coffee Break
EMS2011-165 | presentation
VERA-QC, a new Data Quality Control based on Self-Consistency
D. Mayer, R. Steinacker, and A. Steiner
11:15–11:30 EMS2011-553
On the relation between out-of-sample error and sensitivity in data assimilation (withdrawn)
J. Broecker
EMS2011-96 | presentation
Estimating deformations of random processes for correlation modelling in variational data assimilation
Y. Michel
High resolution NWP for recent severe weather events in Australia
P. Steinle, X. Wang, B. Roux, S. Rennie, and Y. Xiao
12:00–12:15 EMS2011-847
Assessing the importance of the Australian radiosonde network to NWP (withdrawn)
E. Miles and P. Steinle
The contribution of a wind data assimilation scheme to improve offshore atmospheric mesoscale model results - the case study of Berlengas
P. Costa, M. Fernandes, and A. Estanqueiro
12:30–12:45 EMS2011-433
A fully-coupled ground water-land surface-atmospheric modeling system and ensemble data assimilation for wind energy predictions (withdrawn)
J.L. Williams, R.M Maxwell, L. Delle Monache, and S. Kollet
Evaluation of modelled ice and snow water content with satellite observations
S. Eikenberg, K. Fröhlich, A. Seifert, S. Crewell, and M. Mech