• Selected Programme Streams:

UP – Understanding Weather & Climate Processes

UP1 – Atmospheric processes and severe weather
UP2 – Interactions within the Earth System
UP3 – Climate modelling, analyses and predictions

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UP1 –  Atmospheric processes and severe weather

Atmospheric boundary-layer processes and turbulence
Conveners: Sergej Zilitinkevich, Gert-Jan Steeneveld
Co-Convener: Bert Holtslag
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Understanding and modelling of atmospheric hazards and severe weather phenomena
Convener: Fulvio Stel
Co-Conveners: Dario Giaiotti, Mario Marcello Miglietta, Sante Laviola, Jordi Mazon, Victoria Sinclair
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Towards a better understanding of wind gusts: observations, processes, predictions and verification
Convener: Sabrina Wahl
Co-Conveners: Matthias Brueck, Martin Göber, Irene Suomi
Convener suggestion: 
Martin Göber, Sabrina Wahl
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Atmospheric measurements: Experiments, instrument networks and long-term measurements using in-situ and remote sensing techniques
Convener: Frank Beyrich
Co-Conveners: Fred C. Bosveld, Jens Bange, Domenico Cimini
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Progress in measurement technology – new sensors, instruments, and systems (Manufacturers’ session)
Convener: Fred C. Bosveld
Co-Convener: Frank Beyrich
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Metrology for meteorology and climate
Convener: Graziano Coppa
Co-Convener: Andrea Merlone
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UP2 –  Interactions within the Earth System

Ocean – atmosphere interactions and coastal processes
Conveners: Sandro Carniel, Mario Marcello Miglietta
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Air pollution, weather and climate: challenges in meteorology, chemistry and physics
Convener: Leena Järvi
Co-Conveners: Alexander Baklanov, Vincent-Henri Peuch, Krisztina Labancz, Zita Ferenczi

Cloud-aerosol-radiation interactions
Convener: Emily Gleeson
Co-Conveners: Laura Rontu, Kristian Pagh Nielsen
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The cryosphere and its interactions with meteorology and the climate system
Description suggestion: This session in [...]
Convener: Renato R. Colucci
Co-Conveners: Florence Colleoni, Marc Oliva
Convener suggestion: 
Marc Oliva, Renato R. Colucci
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Meteorology, climate and space weather
Convener: Mauro Messerotti
Co-Conveners: David R. Jackson, Annika Seppälä, Suzy Bingham, Peter Gallagher
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UP3 –  Climate modelling, analyses and predictions

Climate change detection, assessment of trends, variability and extremes
Convener: Albert M.G. Klein Tank
Co-Conveners: Monika Lakatos, Martine Rebetez
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Mid-latitude atmospheric teleconnection dynamics
Convener: Javier Garcia-Serrano
Co-Conveners: Yannick Peings, Paolo Davini
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Synoptic climatology
Conveners: Radan Huth, Rasmus Benestad
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Paleoclimatology and historical climatology
Convener: Rudolf Brazdil
Co-Conveners: Ricardo García-Herrera, Fidel González-Rouco
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Global and regional reanalyses
Convener: A. K. Kaiser-Weiss
Co-Conveners: Eric Bazile, Dick Dee
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High-resolution precipitation monitoring for hydrological and climate-related applications
Conveners: Tanja Winterrath, Massimiliano Zappa
Co-Conveners: Auguste Gires, Andreas Becker, Elsa Cattani, Louise Crochemore, Katharina Lengfeld, Aart Overeem, Marie-Claire ten Veldhuis, Markus Ziese
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