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“The weather enterprise is a well-established and successful global public-private partnership in which both sectors share common goals. There are new opportunities emerging to develop this partnership further that will enable the whole enterprise to grow and produce more accurate and reliable weather forecasts. The urgency to do this comes from the need to be even more effective in saving lives and protecting infrastructure because of vulnerability to weather hazards in a changing climate.”
WMO Bulletin Vol.65 (2) – 2016

Since the last EMS Conference, there have been further developments towards creating a more enterprising and global approach to delivering weather services to the world community. PRIMET and ECOMET are key actors in this effort.

The World Meteorological Organisation has recognised engagement with the private sector as one of the potential benefits of its major reform programme which will be introduced at the Eighteenth WMO Congress to be held in Geneva in June 2019.

This session will review recent developments and provide concrete examples of existing public-private collaborations in Europe, how the private sector is bringing benefits to society and how these can be enhanced by developing the public-private partnership further.

Keynote Speakers
WMO: Future plans for the engagement of private sector in WMO activities.
World Bank: How the public-private partnership in meteorology assists the development of Human Capital.

Next to these keynotes we encourage contributions showing examples of collaboration between National Meteorological and Hydrological Services and the private sector, in particular in the field of observations.

Conveners: Andrew Eccleston, Willie McCairns, Gerald Fleming
| Mon, 09 Sep, 14:00–16:00|Oticon Hall
| Attendance Mon, 09 Sep, 19:15–20:30 | Display Mon, 09 Sep, 09:30–Wed, 11 Sep, 12:30|Sports Hall

Monday, 9 September 2019 | Oticon Hall

14:15–14:45 |
| solicited
Dimitar Ivanov
14:45–15:15 |
| solicited
How Public-Private Engagement in meteorology can support World Bank priorities.
Vladimir Tsirkunov
15:15–15:30 |
Karl G. Gutbrod, Paul Edwards, and Michaela Schludecker

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