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Weather conditions directly influence agricultural yields. Hail, disease and drought can have devastating effects on crops. However meteorological-related risks can be reduced through better timing of harvests, application of pesticides or through use of irrigation systems. A clear picture of current and future weather conditions, along with appropriate farm actions, can increase the likelihood of improved yields.

Climate change also influences crop suitability in certain regions where livestock can be negatively affected by migrating diseases and available food. To complicate matters the agricultural sector is also trying to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly in an attempt to meet greenhouse gas emission targets.

This session intends to examine our increasing knowledge of agricultural meteorology, while also attempting to identify opportunities in our changing environment.

We invite presentations related but not limited to:
• Agrometeorological modelling (e.g. modelling agrometeorological related diseases, frost protection warning methods, drought indices etc.)
• Impact of weather and climate extremes on agriculture
• Methods of measurements and observations (e.g. ground based equipment, remote sensing products, citizen science, Big Data etc.)
• Decision support systems & the representation of uncertainty
• Interactions/feedback of farmers and other end users
• Use of future climate projections on agrometeorological models

Convener: Keith Lambkin | Co-Conveners: Josef Eitzinger, Sándor Szalai
| Tue, 10 Sep, 16:30–18:30|Room S1
| Attendance Wed, 11 Sep, 09:30–10:30 | Display Mon, 09 Sep, 09:30–Wed, 11 Sep, 12:30|Sports Hall
Display time: Monday, 9 September 2019 09:30–Wednesday, 11 September 12:30

Attendance time: Wednesday, 11 September 2019, 09:30–10:30 | Sports Hall

Chairperson: Keith Lambkin & Josef Eitzinger
P53 |
Vicent Altava-Ortiz, Aleix Benaiges, Yolanda Sola, Jaume Casadesús, Jéssica Amaro, and Abdel Sairouni
Sports Hall
Sports Hall
P55 |
Monica Santos, André Fonseca, Helder Fraga, Gregory V. Jones, and João Andrade Santos
Sports Hall
P56 |
Martin Mozny, Miroslav Trnka, Lenka Hajkova, Vera Potopova, and Zdenek Zalud
Sports Hall
P57 |
AgroMetInfo : a climate service for real time monitoring of agroclimatic conditions in France
Frédéric Huard, Anne-Laure Gibelin, Christine Le Bas, Patrice Lecharpentier, Olivier Maury, Benoit Persyn, Dominique Ripoche, and Franck Souverain

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