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The Sun is the main energy source for the Earth's atmosphere. Important manifestations of such external forcing from space to the atmosphere are the variations in different solar parameters such as the solar irradiance (including solar UV) and solar particle fluxes, which can induce changes in the atmosphere both at local and global scales, and can influence over a large range of altitudes. Some of these changes have the potential to affect the troposphere through atmospheric coupling processes, particularly through the stratosphere-troposphere connection, and thus have the potential to influence weather and climate.
The field of space weather has seen a rapid increase in research activity in recent years, and associated large scientific advances. It is clear that the weather and climate community can benefit from this via better representation of space weather effects and their associated impacts on the Earth’s atmosphere.

The aim of this session is to provide a framework for reviewing the state-of-the-art on these issues and to identify possible interrelationships between Earth and the Sun and space weather by assessing the level of coupling in the relevant physical systems and processes.

Contributions from the following topics (but not exclusively) are invited:
• Solar irradiance and energetic particle impacts on the atmosphere
• Upper atmospheric dynamical variability and coupling between atmospheric layers
• Solar variations and stratosphere-troposphere coupling
• Solar influence on climate variability
• Solar irradiance (spectral and total irradiance) variations

Convener: Mauro Messerotti | Co-Conveners: David R. Jackson, Suzy Bingham, Henrik Svensmark
| Thu, 12 Sep, 10:30–12:30|Room M1
| Attendance Thu, 12 Sep, 09:30–10:30 | Display Wed, 11 Sep, 13:30–Fri, 13 Sep, 13:30|Sports Hall
Display time: Wednesday, 11 September 2019 13:30–Friday, 13 September 13:30

Attendance time: Thursday, 12 September 2019, 09:30–10:30 | Sports Hall

Chairperson: 16831
P201 |
David R. Jackson, Toshiyuko Kurino, Xiaoxin Zhang, Fred Branski, Larisa Trichtchenko, Mamoru Ishii, Mark Gibbs, Daniele Biron, Bert van der Oord, and Kirsti Kauristie

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