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Improved reanalyses of past weather can be obtained by retrospectively assimilating reprocessed observational datasets ranging from surface stations and satellites with a up-to-date Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) model. The resulting time series of the atmospheric state is both dynamically consistent and close to observations. The interest in extracting climate information from reanalysis is rising and creating a request for reanalysis uncertainty estimation at various temporal-spatial scales.
These research questions are adressed in the ERA-CLIM, EURO4M and UERRA projects which are supporting the development of the Copernicus Climate Change Services.

This session invites papers that:
• Explore and demonstrate the capability of global and regional reanalysis data for climate applications
• Compare different reanalysis (global, regional) with each other and/or observations
• Improve recovery, quality control and uncertainty estimation of related observations
• Analyse the uncertainty budget of the reanalyses and relate to user applications

Convener: Frank Kaspar | Co-Conveners: Eric Bazile, Dick Dee
| Mon, 09 Sep, 14:00–16:00|Room S1
| Attendance Mon, 09 Sep, 19:15–20:30 | Display Mon, 09 Sep, 09:30–Wed, 11 Sep, 12:30|Sports Hall
Display time: Monday, 9 September 2019 09:30–Wednesday, 11 September 12:30

Attendance time: Monday, 9 September 2019, 19:15–20:30 | Sports Hall

Chairperson: Frank Kaspar
Poster pitches (16:00-16:10)
Sports Hall
P166 |
Ines Cerenzia, Simone Sperati, Riccardo Bonanno, Matteo Lacavalla, Tiziana Paccagnella, Andrea Montani, Francesco Pasi, Bernardo Gozzini, and Valerio Capecchi
Sports Hall
Sports Hall
P168 |
Angelika Palarz, Daniel Celiński-Mysław, and Zbigniew Ustrnul
Sports Hall
Sports Hall
P170 |
Xiaohua Yang, Harald Schyberg, Morten Køltzow, Kristian P. Nielsen, and Bjarne Amstrup
Sports Hall
P171 |
Frank Kaspar, Michael Borsche, Jan Keller, Deborah Niermann, Roland Potthast, Thomas Rösch, Thomas Spangehl, and Birger Tinz
Sports Hall
P172 |
Eric Bazile, Antoine Verrelle, Francois Besson, Michael Glinton, and Patrick Le Moigne

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