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This session invites contributions to discuss the present meteorological conditions in the Polar Regions (Arctic and Antarctic) and changes of these induced by climatic drivers.
Since 1980, near-surface climate warming in the Arctic has proceeded at approximately twice the global rate. Simultaneously with the warming, the Arctic has experienced notable changes such as decrease in sea ice extent and thickness and glacier retreat. These changes have been accompanied by changes in precipitation and in the large‐scale atmospheric circulation patterns.
The Polar atmosphere has very specific features such as shallow boundary layers, stratified conditions with low mixing and extreme insolation characteristics during large part of the year. These flow and turbulence patterns are important for exchange of heat, GHG and cloud condensation nuclei between the surface and the atmosphere, as well as for dispersion and mixing into higher elevation.
Changes in surface temperature and sea ice and glacier extent affect the atmospheric flow, turbulence and stratification, as well as snow properties, which in turn affects radiation processes and balance. In order to estimate future implications of climate change in the Polar Regions, it is important to understand the present meteorology as well as its development due to surface and temperature changes. This has to be achieved through combining measurements and modelling of local to regional scale meteorology. More specifically but not exclusively the session will address:
• Past and present Polar meteorological conditions
• Processes contributing to Polar amplification of climate warming
• Extremely shallow and stratified boundary-layers,
• Physics and occurrence of Arctic clouds, precipitation and haze
• Observations in Polar regions: challenges, experiences, networks and demand
• GHG concentrations development and GHG exchange with the cryosphere (e.g. permafrost thawing)
• Polar climate change trends and their local and remote impacts on different time scales
• Meso- and micro scale modelling for Polar predictions
• Long-range transport routes and emissions in Polar Regions
• Parameterization of specific processes for modelling the Polar atmosphere.
• Contribution to and support from international programmes: WMO Year of Polar Prediction, Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme, Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks, MOSAiC drifting station, International Arctic Systems for Observing the Atmosphere, Pan-Eurasian Experiment, etc.

Conveners: Lise Lotte Sørensen, Timo Vihma | Co-Conveners: Sven-Erik Gryning, Ruth Mottram
| Tue, 10 Sep, 11:00–16:00|Glass Hall
| Attendance Tue, 10 Sep, 16:30–18:30 | Display Mon, 09 Sep, 09:30–Wed, 11 Sep, 12:30|Sports Hall
Display time: Monday, 9 September 2019 09:30–Wednesday, 11 September 12:30

Attendance time: Tuesday, 10 September 2019, 16:30–18:30 | Sports Hall

Chairperson: 16920
P115 |
Meteorological aspects of S.A. Andrée’s attempt to reach the North Pole by balloon in1897
Dieter Etling and Christoph Knigge
Chairperson: 16920
P116 |
Development of turbulence, stratified boundary layers and Low Level Jets in the Arctic coastal atmosphere at Station Nord, Greenland
Lise Lotte Sørensen, Bjarne Jensen, Søren W. Lund, Keld S. Mortesen, and Sven-Erik Gryning
Chairperson: 16920
P117 |
Sergi Gónzalez Herrero and Alfons Callado Pallarès
Chairperson: 16920
Chairperson: 16920
Chairperson: 16920
P120 |
Przemysław Wyszyński, Øyvind Nordli, and Rajmund Przybylak
Chairperson: 16920
P121 |
Oeyvind Nordli, Herdis M. Gjelten, Ketil Isaksen, Ewa Łupikasza, Tadeusz Niedźwiedź, Rajmund Przybylak, and Przemysław Wyszyński
Chairperson: 16920
Chairperson: 16920
Chairperson: 16920
P124 |
Ketil Isaksen, Boris Ivanov, Øyvind Nordli, Herdis M. Gjelten, Eirik Førland, Pavel N. Sviashchennikov, Vasiliy Smolyanitsky, Signe Aaboe, Ragnar Brækkan, Steinar Eastwood, Thomas Lavergne, Uliana Prokhorova, and Alexandra V. Urazgildeeva

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