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ES – Engagement with Society

ES1 – Bringing benefits to society


The Global Weather Enterprise 
Conveners: Andrew Eccleston , Willie McCairns , Gerald Fleming 


Creating value through Open Data 
Convener: Renate Hagedorn  | Co-Conveners: Eduard Rosert , Roope Tervo 


Climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation 
Convener: Blaz Kurnik  | Co-Convener: Tanja Cegnar 


From hazards to impacts: understanding the mechanisms behind single and compound climate events 
Convener: Martin Drews  | Co-Conveners: Hilppa Gregow , Bart van den Hurk , Jakob Zscheischler 

OSA1.4/ES1.5OSA1.4/ ES1.5

Delivery and communication of impact forecasting and impact modelling of weather and natural hazard events (co-organized) 
Conveners: Rebecca Hemingway , Adriaan Perrels  | Co-Conveners: Tanja Cegnar , Haleh Kootval , Seungbum Kim 


Creating national and regional climate services in Europe through partnerships 
Convener: Carlo Buontempo  | Co-Convener: Francisco J. Doblas-Reyes 


Co-development of weather and climate services in developing and emerging countries 
Convener: Stefanie Gubler  | Co-Conveners: Gerard van der Schrier , Jane Strachan , Matti Eerikäinen 

ES2 – Communication with and within society


Communication and media 
Convener: Tanja Cegnar 


Communication of science 
Convener: Gerald Fleming  | Co-Conveners: Nina Kukkurainen , Jesper Theilgaard 

ES3 – Education and training


Education and training: at schools, for the public, for stakeholders and professionals 
Convener: Tomas Halenka  | Co-Convener: Heikki Tuomenvirta 


Round Table on Accreditation, certification and quality management 
Conveners: Tanja Cegnar , Gerald Fleming 

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