EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2019
Centre International de Conférences de Genève (CICG) | Geneva | Switzerland
15–20 September 2019
Geneva | Switzerland
15–20 September 2019



This session welcomes papers about the trans-Neptunian objects and their environment, including investigations of space weathering. We encourage scientific investigations based on both space and Earth-based observations as well as theoretical and laboratory investigations. Papers based on observations and measurements obtained from within the Kuiper Belt are particularly encouraged including those focusing on 2014 MU69 (a target of the New Horizons mission). We also welcome papers about the Pluto system including investigations of the geology, composition, atmosphere, climate and environment. Papers on processes that may be active in the Pluto system are particularly encouraged and include topics such as formation of organics in Pluto’s atmosphere and surface, or seasonal/climatic models of volatile transports.
This session will also welcome abstracts devoted to studies of the Centaurs, in particular on their structure, composition, dynamics and activity patterns. We invite studies that describe observations, theory, experimental work, and future spacecraft encounters related to: (i) the onset and provenance of activity beyond Jupiter's orbit, and (ii) the nature of surface modification at these heliocentric distances (including, but not limited to, solar radiation, space weathering and impacts).

Convener: Kelsi Singer | Co-conveners: Heather Elliott, Maria Teresa Capria, Sonia Fornasier, Walter Harris, Rodrigo Leiva, Catherine Olkin, Davide Perna, Simon Porter, Silvia Protopapa, Gal Sarid, Bernard Schmitt, Anne Verbiscer, Laura Woodney
| Fri, 20 Sep, 08:30–12:00, 13:30–17:00
Jupiter (Room 1)
| Attendance Thu, 19 Sep, 17:15–18:45 | Display Wed, 18 Sep, 14:00–Fri, 20 Sep, 17:30|Basement

Friday, 20 September 2019 | Jupiter (Room 1)

Chairperson: Andrew Steffl and Carver Bierson
2014 MU69 - A primordial contact binary in the Kuiper belt
08:30–08:40 |
| Media interest
John Spencer, Jeffrey Moore, William McKinnon, S. Alan Stern, Harold Weaver, and Catherine Olkin and the New Horizons Geology, Geophysics and Imaging Team
08:40–08:50 |
| Media interest
Catherine Olkin, S. Alan Stern, John Spencer, Hal Weaver, Carly Howett, Alex Parker, Will Grundy, and Silvia Protopapa
08:50–09:00 |
| Media interest
Simon Porter, Ross Beyer, James Keane, Orkan Umurhan, Carver Bierson, William Grundy, Marc Buie, Mark Showalter, John Spencer, Alan Stern, Hal Weaver, Catherine Olkin, Joel Parker, and Anne Verbiscer and the New Horizons Geology, Geophysics, and Imaging (GGI) Team
09:10–09:20 |
Orkan M. Umurhan, James T. Keane, Simon B. Porter, Ivan Linscott, William M. Grundy, Leslie A. Young, Ross A. Beyer, Carver Bierson, John R. Spencer, S. Alan Stern, Hal. A. Weaver, Catherine B. Olkin, Joel W. Parker, and Anne J. Verbiscer
09:20–09:30 |
Jason Hofgartner, Bonnie Buratti, Ross Beyer, Andrew Cheng, Catherine Olkin, Joel Parker, John Spencer, Alan Stern, Anne Verbiscer, and Harold Weaver
09:30–09:40 |
James Keane, Orkan Umurhan, Simon Porter, Ross Beyer, Carver Bierson, Carey Lisse, Mark Showalter, John Stansberry, Jeffrey Moore, William McKinnon, Douglas Hamilton, Anne Verbiscer, Joel Parker, Catherine Olkin, Harold Weaver, John Spencer, and Alan Stern
09:40–09:50 |
Jeffrey M. Moore, William B. McKinnon, John R. Spencer, S. Alan Stern, Daniel Britt, Bonnie J. Buratti, William M. Grundy, Simon B. Porter, Paul M. Schenk, Kelsi N. Singer, Harold A. Weaver, Joel W. Parker, Anne J. Verbiscer, Ross A. Beyer, Rajani D. Dhingra, James T. Keane, Tod R. Lauer, Carey M. Lisse, Orkan M. Umurhan, and Oliver L. White and the New Horizons Geology and Geophysics Investigation Theme Team
09:50–10:00 |
| Media interest
William B. McKinnon, James T. Keane, David Nesvorný, Derek C. Richardson, Douglas P. Hamilton, Tod R. Lauer, Casey M. Lisse, Xiaochen Mao, Julian Marohnic, Alex H. Parker, Simon B. Porter, Mark W. Showalter, Orkan M. Umurhan, John R. Spencer, William M. Grundy, Jeffrey M. Moore, S. Alan Stern, Hal A. Weaver, Catherine B. Olkin, and New Horizons Science Team
Coffee break
Chairperson: Anne Verbiscer and Tanguy Bertrand
The Pluto System and other Dwarf Planets
10:30–10:40 |
Silvia Protopapa, Cathy Olkin, Will Grundy, Jian-Yang Li, Anne Verbiscer, Dale P. Cruikshank, Carly J.A. Howett, Alan Stern, Harold A. Weaver, Leslie A. Young, and Kim Ennico
10:40–10:50 |
Cristina Dalle Ore, Dale P. Cruikshank, Silvia Protopapa, Will M. Grundy, Kim Ennico, Cathy B. Olkin, S. Alan Stern, Hal A. Weaver, and Leslie A. Young
10:50–11:00 |
Marie Fayolle, Eric Quirico, Bernard Schmitt, Lora Jovanovic, Thomas Gautier, Nathalie Carrasco, William Grundy, Veronique Vuitton, Olivier Poch, Leila Gabasova, Silvia Protopapa, and Leslie Young
11:10–11:20 |
| Media interest
Tanguy Bertrand and François Forget
11:20–11:30 |
Perianne Johnson, Leslie Young, Silvia Protopapa, Bernard Schmitt, Briley Lewis, John Stansberry, Kathleen Mandt, and Oliver White
11:30–11:40 |
Eliot Young and Ariella Goldberg and the Portable High-Speed Occultation Team (PHOT)
11:40–11:50 |
| Media interest
Felipe Braga-Ribas, Bruno Sicardy, Marcelo Assafin, José Luis Ortiz, Julio Ignácio Bueno de Camargo, Josselin Desmars, Paul D. Maley, Christopher J. Anderson, Wayne Thomas, Roberto Vieira-Martins, Pablo Santos Sanz, Gustavo Benedetti-Rossi, Giuliano Margoti, Rodrigo Boufleur, Tony George, David Oesper, Jerry Bardecker, Robert Dunford, and Hristo Pavlov and the Rio group, Lucky Star, and Granada occultation teams
11:50–12:00 |
Anikó Farkas-Takacs, Csaba Kiss, Thomas Müller, and Michael Mommert
Lunch break
Chairperson: Gustavo Benedetti-Rossi and Harold Weaver
TNOs: Observations and Modeling
13:30–13:40 |
Rosemary Pike, Kathryn Volk, Ruth Murray-Clay, Wesley Fraser, Michael Marsset, Megan Schwamb, Michele Bannister, Nuno Peixinho, Mike Alexandersen, Ying-Tung Chen, Brett Gladman, Stephen Gwyn, Jj Kavelaars, and Jean-Marc Petit
13:40–13:50 |
| Media interest
Jean-Marc Petit, Brett Gladman, John Kavelaars, Michel Bannister, Mike Alexandersen, Ying-Tung Chen, Stephen Gwyn, and Kathryn Volk
13:50–14:00 |
Collisions in the classical Kuiper belt
Abedin Abedin and John Kavelaars
14:00–14:10 |
Estela Fernández-Valenzuela, Noemí Pinilla-Alonso, John Stansberry, Josh Emery, William Perkins, and Christa Van Laerhoven
14:10–14:20 |
Riccardo Giovanni Urso, Donia Baklouti, Zahia Djouadi, and Rosario Brunetto
14:20–14:30 |
David Nesvorny
14:30–14:40 |
Megan Schwamb, Wesley Fraser, Michele Bannister, Michaël Marsset, Rosemary Pike, Jj Kavelarrs, Susan Benecchi, Matthew Lehner, Shiang-Yu Wang, Audrey Thirouin, Nuno Peixinho, Kathryn Volk, Mike Alexandersen, Ying-Tung Chen, Brett Gladman, Stephen Gwyn, and Jean-Marc Petit
14:40–14:50 |
Melaine Saillenfest, Marc Fouchard, and Arika Higuchi
14:50–15:00 |
Scott Sheppard, Chad Trujillo, and David Tholen
Coffee break
Chairperson: Cathy Olkin and Perianne Johnson
TNOs and Centaurs: Observations, Modeling, Future Missions
15:30–15:40 |
Audrey Thirouin and Scott S. Sheppard
15:40–15:50 |
Rosita Kokotanekova, Pedro Lacerda, and Colin Snodgrass
15:50–16:00 |
David Rabinowitz, Susan Benecchi, William Grundy, Simon Porter, Audrey Thirouin, and Anne Verbiscer
16:00–16:10 |
Gal Sarid, Kat Volk, Jordan Steckloff, Walt Harris, Maria Womack, and Laura Woodney
16:10–16:20 |
HST Survey for Activity in High-Perihelion Centaurs
David Jewitt and Jing Li
16:20–16:30 |
| Media interest
Amanda Sickafoose, Amanda Bosh, Joshua Emery, Michael Person, Carlos Zuluaga, Maria Womack, Jessica Ruprecht, Federica Bianco, and Amanda Zangari
16:30–16:40 |
Pablo Santos-Sanz and José Luis Ortiz and the The Huya occultation team:
16:40–16:50 |
Rodrigo Leiva, Marc Buie, John Keller, Elizabeth Wilde, Ryder Strauss, and Sean Haley
16:50–17:00 |
Gustavo Benedetti-Rossi, Pablo Santos-Sanz, Jose Luis Ortiz, Marcelo Assafin, Bruno Sicardy, Roberto Vieira-Martins, and Felipe Braga-Ribas and the Lucky Star, Rio Group, and Granada Occultation Teams