European Planetary Science Congress 2018
16–21 September 2018
TU Berlin | Berlin | Germany

Poster programme TP5


Atmospheres of terrestrial planets
Convener: Anni Määttänen  | Co-conveners: Olivier Witasse , Francisco González-Galindo , Dmitrij Titov 
Oral programme
 / Mon, 17 Sep, 10:45–12:25  / 14:00–19:30  / Room Saturn
 / Tue, 18 Sep, 08:30–10:00  / Room Saturn
Poster programme
 / Attendance Tue, 18 Sep, 18:15–20:00  / Display Tue, 18 Sep, 08:00–20:00  / Poster area

Display time: Tuesday, 18 September 2018 08:00–20:00
Attendance Time: Tuesday, 18 September 2018, 18:15–20:00
Poster area
Chairperson: Olivier Witasse
An analytical climate model to reproduce first order, yearly-averaged, climatology on early Mars: implications for the ancient lakes in Gale crater
Alexandre Kling and Robert Haberle

Poster area
Migration of intermediately-sized particles across the Martian surface
Mark Paton, Hannu Savijärvi, and Ari-Matti Harri

Poster area
Comparison of a 1D column model with temperature soundings in the Martian atmosphere
Mark Paton, Ari-Matti Harri, and Hannu Savijärvi

Poster area
Photochemical model of the Martian atmosphere to investigate the fate of trace gases
Piotr Witek, Paweł Wajer, Marek Banaszkiewicz, Włodek Kofman, Leszek Czechowski, and Antoine Pommerol

Poster area
Martian CO and wind measurements from ALMA observations
Séverine Robert, Hideo Sagawa, Ann Carine Vandaele, and Shohei Aoki

Poster area
Creating high-spatial resolution atmospheric profiles from the GEM-Mars GCM for the investigation of Mars
Justin Erwin, Lori Neary, Frank Daerden, Sébastien Viscardy, and Ann Carine Vandaele

Poster area
UV Mars emissions from CO and CO2+: IUVS-MAVEN limb observations and model
Jean-Claude Gérard, Leo Gkouvelis, Birgit Ritter, Benoit Hubert, Sonal Jain, Nicholas Schneider, Valery Shematovich, and Dmitry Bisikalo

Poster area
O2 distributions and related chemistry on Mars: Potential scientific targets for the future Mars terahertz sensor missions
Takeshi Kuroda, Richard Larsson, Hideo Sagawa, Shohei Aoki, Yasuko Kasai, Hiroyuki Maezawa, and Yasumasa Kasaba

Poster area
Non-thermal escape rates of light species from Mars using MAVEN in-situ measurements
Marko Gacesa, Robert Lillis, Justin Deighan, and Meredith Elrod

Poster area
P181 EPSC2018-1101
Simulations of the Mars' upper atmosphere - influence of varying EUV flux (withdrawn)
Ute Amerstorfer, Tanja Amerstorfer, Herbert Lichtenegger, and Colin Johnstone

Poster area
P182 EPSC2018-917
High-Level Science Products of SPICAM (Mars Express) and SPICAV (Venus Express) (withdrawn)
Nick Cox, Lucio Baggio, Jean-Loup Bertaux, Laurent Blanot, Lauriane Delaye, Gaetan Lacombe, Franck Lefevre, Emmanuel Marcq, and Franck Montmessin

Poster area
Study of Venus Cloud movements by comparative analysis with Terrestrial Planets
Adhithiyan Neduncheran, James Lai, Hamed Gamal, George Cristian Potrivitu, Jessica Greech, and Sinnappoo Arunan

Poster area
Local-time dependence of the zonal wave number spectra derived from the Venus cloud-top Temperature observed by Akatsuki LIR
Tetsuya Fukuhara, Aya Nagata, Makoto Taguchi, and Takeshi imamura and the LIR Project team

Poster area
P185 EPSC2018-1135
X ray spectroscopy of planetary atmospheres (withdrawn)
Shyama Narendranath, Panini Singham, Sreekumar Parameswaran, and Babu Chandra