Quadrennial Ozone Symposium 2016 4–9 September 2016 Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Oral programme 4


Global ozone observations and measurement techniques
Convenors: M. Weber , S. Godin-Beekmann , J. Tamminen 
Oral programme
 / Thu, 08 Sep, 08:45–12:00  / 13:30–17:00  / Room Pentland Main Auditorium
 / Fri, 09 Sep, 08:45–10:00  / Room Pentland Main Auditorium
Poster programme
 / Attendance Mon, 05 Sep, 12:45–13:30  / Poster area
 / Attendance Tue, 06 Sep, 12:45–13:30  / Poster area
 / Attendance Wed, 07 Sep, 12:45–13:30  / Poster area
 / Attendance Thu, 08 Sep, 12:45–13:30  / Poster area

Thursday, 8 September 2016
Room Pentland Main Auditorium
Chairperson: Sophie Godin-Beekmann
QOS2016-333 | presentation
In-service Aircraft for Global Monitoring : 20 Years of MOZAIC-IAGOS ozone measurements (keynote)
V. Thouret
ALTIUS: a forthcoming stratospheric ozone profiler
D Fussen, P Cardoen, E Dekemper, P Demoulin, Q Errera, G Franssens, N Mateshvili, D Pieroux, J Vanhamel, and F Vanhellemont
QOS2016-23 | presentation
Ozone Comparison between Pandora #34, the Dobson #061, OMI, and OMPS at Boulder Colorado for the period December 2013 – June 2016.
J. Herman, R Evans, A Cede, N Abuhassan, I Petropavlovskikh, and G McConville
Validation of GOME-2A and GOME-2B Ozone Profiles and Tropospheric Ozone Column Products, Using Balloon Sounding Data
A.W. Delcloo, O.N.E. Tuinder, K.-P. Heue, P. Valks, and D. Loyola
Coffee break
Stability requirements on long-term (satellite) ozone observations and their implication for trend detection
M. Weber, N. Rahpoe, and J. P. Burrows
Overview and highlights of the EMRP project ATMOZ “Traceability for atmospheric total column ozone”
L. Egli and J. Gröbner and the EMRP-ENV59 JRP Consortium
QOS2016-170 | presentation
The GOME-type Total Ozone Essential Climate Variable – the first 20 years of an accurate global ozone data record (1995-2015)
M. Coldewey-Egbers, D. Loyola, M. van Roozendael, C. Lerot, P. Braesicke, M. Dameris, M. Koukouli, D. Balis, and C. Zehner
QOS2016-188 | presentation
Measuring ozone and related species from space with the Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment (ACE)
K. A. Walker, C. D. Boone, P. F. Bernath, and C. T. McElroy
The looming chasm in spaceborne limb sounding observations of atmospheric composition, and some possibilities for filling it.
N.J. Livesey, M.L. Santee, J.L. Neu, L. Millan, G.L. Manney, W.G. Read, L. Froidevaux, H. Su, J.H. Jiang, A. Lambert, M.J. Schwartz, R.F. Jarnot, and R.A. Stachnik
QOS2016-210 | presentation
Evaluation of the MERRA-2 Assimilated Ozone Product
G.J. Labow, K. Wargan, S.M. Frith, and S. Pawson
Lunch break
QOS2016-97 | presentation
Ground-based Measurements of Ozone and Related Trace Gases: Status of Networks and Recent Developments in Ozone Instrumentation (keynote)
A. M. Thompson
QOS2016-83 | presentation
Ozone measurements at Arosa (Switzerland): Scientific value and history
J. Staehelin, F. Tummon, P. Viatte, R. Stübi, and T. Peter
QOS2016-214 | presentation
Evaluation of OMPS Limb Profiler retrievals by studying ozone distribution inside the 2015 Antarctic ozone hole
N. A. Kramarova, P. K. Bhartia, M. DeLand, P. Xu, Z. Chen, G. Taha, E. Nash, P. Newman, N. Gorkavyi, G. Jaross, D. Kahn, L. Moy, D. Degenstein, A. Bourassa, L. Rieger, and D. Zawada
QOS2016-246 | presentation
Ozone Data Quality Assessment (O3S-DQA): Resolving inhomogenities in long term ozone sounding records and assessing their uncertainties
H. G. J. Smit, S. J. Oltmans, G. Braathen, J. Davies, T. Deshler, B. Johnson, R. Kivi, R. Van Malderen, F. Schmidlin, W. Steinbrecht, R. Stuebi, D. Tarasick, A.M. Thompson, and J. Witte
QOS2016-227 | presentation
EUBREWNET - A European Brewer Network, COST Action ES1207
J. Rimmer
Coffee break
QOS2016-231 | presentation
Long-term stability of stratospheric and mesospheric ozone profile data records from limb/occultation sounders
D. Hubert, J.-C. Lambert, T. Verhoelst, J. Granville, A. Keppens, and S. Compernolle and the Satellite and Ground-based O3 profile measurement team
Reanalysed Ozone Profiles from Australian Historical Umkehr Data
R. Schofield, K. Stone, S. Rhodes, and M. Tully
QOS2016-146 | presentation
Measurements of ozone and other trace gases using small low cost sensors and networks
Z.L. Fleming, P.S. Monks, T. Raventos, P. Peterson, and R.J. Leigh
QOS2016-169 | presentation
Evaluation of ozone profile and tropospheric ozone retrievals from GEMS and OMI spectra
J. H. Kim, J. Bak, X. Liu, K. Chance, and J. Kim
Proposed standardized definitions and approaches for vertical resolution and uncertainty in the NDACC ozone DIAL algorithms
T. Leblanc, R. J. Sica, S. Godin-Beekmann, J. A. E. van Gijsel, G. Liberti, G. Payen, F. Gabarrot, T. Trickl, and A. Haefele
The effect of natural variability on atmospheric ozone measurements and their intercomparison
T. Verhoelst, J. Granville, F. Hendrick, D. Hubert, A. Keppens, U. Köhler, C. Lerot, J.-P. Pommereau, A. Redondas, M. Van Roozendael, and J.-C. Lambert

Friday, 9 September 2016
Room Pentland Main Auditorium
Chairperson: Mark Weber
The TICOSONDE Balloon Sounding Project: 11 years of continuous Frostpoint Hygrometer and Ozonesonde Profiling in Costa Rica
J. A. Diaz, H. B. Selkirk, H Vömel, G Morris, E Corrales, A Alan, and C Cevallos
QOS2016-370 | presentation
Measuring ozone fluxes to terrestrial surfaces by eddy co-variance and aerodynamic methods
M. Coyle, E. Nemitz, and D. Fowler
ESA Ozone Climate Change Initiative: combined use of satellite ozone profile measurements
V.F. Sofieva, J. Tamminen, E. Kyrölä, M. Weber, N. Rahpoe, G. Stiller, A. Laeng, T. von Clarmann, D. Degenstein, K.A. Walker, D. Murtagh, M. Van Roozendael, and C. Zehner
Extended and refined Multi Sensor Reanalysis of Total Ozone for the period 1970-2012
R.J. van der A, H.J. Eskes, and M.A.F. Allaart
QOS2016-276 | presentation
GOMOS measurements of O3, NO2 and NO3 compared to specified-dynamics WACCM simulations
E. Kyrölä, M. E. Andersson, P. T. Verronen, M. Laine, D. R. Marsh, and A. K. Smith