Quadrennial Ozone Symposium 2016 4–9 September 2016 Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Poster programme 4


Global ozone observations and measurement techniques
Convenors: M. Weber , S. Godin-Beekmann , J. Tamminen 
Oral programme
 / Thu, 08 Sep, 08:45–12:00  / 13:30–17:00  / Room Pentland Main Auditorium
 / Fri, 09 Sep, 08:45–10:00  / Room Pentland Main Auditorium
Poster programme
 / Attendance Mon, 05 Sep, 12:45–13:30  / Poster area
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Attendance Time: Monday, 5 September 2016, 12:45–13:30
Poster area
Chairperson: Mark Weber
Assessment of Errors in Satellite Total Ozone Measurements at Large Solar Zenith Angles
D. P. Haffner, P. K. Bhartia, R. D. McPeters, N. A. Kramarova, G. J. Labow, and R. Kivi

QOS2016-26 | presentation
Quality assessment of IASI/Metop-A and OMI/Aura ozone column amounts by using EUBREWNET ground-based measurements
N. Peinado-Galán, X. Calbet, O.E. García, E. López-Baeza, A. Redondas, E. Sepúlveda, M. E. Koukouli, I. Zyrichidou, I. Fountoulakis, D. Balis, A. Bais, T. Karppinen, J. López-Solano, B. Hernández-Cruz, and M. E. Sanromá

QOS2016-28 | presentation
50 Years of Routine Ozone Soundings at Hohenpeissenberg
W. Steinbrecht, U. Köhler, F. Schönenborn, M. Adelwart, D. Petersen, M. Heinen, H. Munier, H. Claude, S. Steiner, and W. Attmannspacher

QOS2016-29 | presentation
590 years of data -- the US Dobson Station Network Reevaluated
R. D. Evans, I. Petropavlovskikh, A. McClure-Begley, G. McConville, and K. Miyagawa

Vertical profile and diurnal variation in ozone isotopic enrichment from the middle stratosphere to lower mesosphere
T. Sato, N. Yoshida, and Y. Kasai

Reprocessed Metop/GOME-2 vertical ozone profiles
O.N.E. Tuinder, A. Delcloo, M. Hess, and S. Shah

Extending the multi-year record of SBUV/2 global ozone profile measurements with the S-NPP and JPSS-1 OMPS Nadir Instruments
C. T. Beck, L. E. Flynn, C. Pan, and Z. Zhang

The project ICARO: cutting-edge technology for ground-based measurements and vertical profiles of solar radiation
J.M. Vilaplana, A. Serrano, M.L. Cancillo, J.A. Bogear, J. Alonso, A. Mesa, A. Gomez, M. Anton, A.A. Piedehierro, and G. Sanchez

QOS2016-49 | presentation
Trend Quality Ozone From the Version 2 Processing of OMPS Nadir Mapper and Nadir Profiler Data
R. McPeters and C Seftor

QOS2016-50 | presentation
Break-detection and time series homogenization through joint observations from independent ozone observation systems: a case study for the Mauna Loa ozone records
I. Petropavlovskikh, H.E. Rieder, R.D. Evans, G. McConveille, K. Miyagawa, B. Johnson, and I. Boyd

QOS2016-51 | presentation
Estimation of total ozone column using different pair of channels of a NILU-UV multifilter instrument
A.A. Piedehierro, M.L. Cancillo, J.M. Vilaplana, M. Anton, and A. Serrano

QOS2016-52 | presentation
Investigation of the optical and instrumental artifacts in the Brewer Umkehr ozone profile retrieval.
I. Petropavlovskikh, H. Diémoz, V. Savastiouk, P. Disterhoft, and J. Rimmer

QOS2016-58 | presentation
The Intercomparison of Brewer and Dobson Spectrophotometers Total Ozone Measurements at the Marambio Base, Antarctica
K. Čížková and K. Láska

QOS2016-59 | presentation
The Stratospheric Water and Ozone Satellite Homogenized (SWOOSH) database: A long-term database for climate studies
S.M. Davis, K.H. Rosenlof, B. Hassler, and R.W. Portmann

P181 QOS2016-62
Monitoring of the ozone layer in the Slovak Republic (1996-2015) (withdrawn)
O. Mišaga

Improvement of the operational Near-Real-Time total ozone retrieval algorithm for GOME-2 on MetOp-A & MetOp-B and perspectives for TROPOMI/S5P
N. Hao, D.G. Loyola, M. Van Roozendael, C. Lerot, R.J.D. Spurr, M.E. Koukouli, A. Inness, I. Zyrichidou, P. Valks, W. Zimmer, and D.S. Balis

QOS2016-65 | presentation
6 Years of Ozone and UV Measurements with Brewer 199 at Marambio, Antarctica
L. Metelka and M. Stanek

The H2020 AURORA project: Advanced Ultraviolet Radiation and Ozone Retrieval for Applications
R. Dragani and U. Cortesi and the AURORA team

Validation of ACE-FTS ozone and ozone related species
P. E. Sheese, K. A. Walker, C. D. Boone, P. Raspollini, and T. von Clarmann

A Trajectory-mapped ozone dataset from Ozonesondes, Aircraft and Satellites for the Stratosphere and Troposphere (TOASST)
M. Osman, D. Tarasick, J. Liu, and O. Moeini

Ultraviolet Radiation modeling from ground based and satellite measurements of Ozone over Réunion Island
K. Lamy, T. Portafaix, H. Bencherif, S. Godin-Beekmann, C. Brogniez, J.M. Metzger, A. Pazmino, and C. N. Long

A comparative study of intraseasonal variability of total column ozone measured over the tropical maritime and coastal stations using Microtop II Ozonometer
M. Vazhathottathil

P189 QOS2016-88
Version 3 of the NIWA-Bodeker Scientific total column ozone database (withdrawn)
GE Bodeker, J Nitzbon, J Tradowsky, A Schwertheim, and J Lewis

P190 QOS2016-89
An update of the Bodeker Scientific vertically resolved, global, gap-free ozone database (withdrawn)
S. Kremser, G.E. Bodeker, J. Lewis, and M. Hanson

QOS2016-91 | presentation
Aerosol optical depth in the ultraviolet range: a new product in EUBREWNET
J. López-Solano, T. Carlund, B. Hernández-Cruz, S.F. León-Luis, V. Carreño, A. Berjón, D. Santana-Díaz, A.F. Bais, J.R. Moreta, V. Shirotov, J. Rimmer, J.M. Vilaplana, K.M. Wilson, J. Gröbner, L. Boulkelia, P. Eriksen, T. Karppinen, H. Diémoz, M. Rodríguez Valido, and A. Redondas

QOS2016-92 | presentation
More accurate Pandora total ozone columns by improved laboratory calibration and simultaneous retrieval of effective ozone temperature
M. Tiefengraber and A. Cede

QOS2016-93 | presentation
Brewer-OMI ozone comparisons in EUBREWNET
J. López-Solano, B. Hernández-Cruz, S.F. León-Luis, V. Carreño, A. Berjón, D. Santana-Díaz, A.F. Bais, J.R. Moreta, J.M. San Atanasio, V. Shirotov, J. Rimmer, J.M. Vilaplana, K.M. Wilson, J. Gröbner, L. Boulkelia, P. Eriksen, T. Karppinen, H. Diémoz, M. Rodríguez Valido, and A. Redondas

Attendance Time: Tuesday, 6 September 2016, 12:45–13:30
Poster area
Chairperson: NN
QOS2016-98 | presentation
Testing the SI²N Ozonesonde Data Quality Assessment for the nearby stations Uccle (BE) and De Bilt (NL)
R. Van Malderen, M.A.F. Allaart, H. De Backer, H.G.J. Smit, and D. De Muer

P195 QOS2016-99
SAGE III on the International Space Station and the future of the space-based stratospheric aerosol record (withdrawn)
L. W. Thomason and J. P. Vernier

Accuracy, precision, and temperature dependence of Pandora total ozone measurements estimated from a comparison with the Brewer triad in Toronto
X. Zhao, V. Fioletov, K. Strong, A. Cede, and J. Davies

QOS2016-107 | presentation
UVI Network for Southwestern Spain
A. Serrano, M.L. Cancillo, J.M. Vilaplana, J.A. Bogeat, G. Sánchez, A.A. Piedehierro, and F.J. Alonso

Measurements of the angular response of Brewer spectrophotometers with a new portable device
A. Serrano, J.M. Vilaplana, F.J. Alonso, J.A. Bogeat, M.L. Cancillo, V. Savastiouk, M. Stanek, and A. Redondas

QOS2016-110 | presentation
Characterization of the Temperature Dependence of Brewer Spectrophotometer
A. Berjón, A. Redondas, M. Sildoja, S. Nevas, V. Carreño, D. Santana, B. Hernández-Cruz, S.F. León-Luis, and J. López-Solano

A Bespoke Pump Motor for the ECC Ozonesonde
G. Kok, B. Johnson, A. Jordan, P. Cullis, C. Sterling, and P. Harnetiaux

QOS2016-119 | presentation
Retrieval of vertical distributions of stratospheric ozone from OMPS measurements in limb viewing geometry
C. Arosio, A. Rozanov, J.P. Burrows, P.K. Bhartia, and G. Jaross

QOS2016-124 | presentation
Stability of ground based measurements of stratospheric ozone
M. Hess and W. Steinbrecht

QOS2016-125 | presentation
Comparison of solar UV irradiance and total ozone column observed at two contrasting Antarctic sites
K. Láska, B. Petkov, V. Vitale, C. Lanconelli, A. Lupi, M. Mazzola, and M. Budíková

P204 QOS2016-131
The Ozone Profile Monitoring in Malaysia by Malaysian Meteorological Department (withdrawn)
Z. Zainal and M. Mohamad

QOS2016-135 | presentation
Umkehr data reprocessing version at the U.S. Dobson stations
K. Miyagawa, I. Petropavlovskikh, R. D. Evan, and G. McConveille

QOS2016-136 | presentation
Overview of middle atmospheric water vapour and ozone measurements at Ny-Alesund in winter 2015/16
F. Schranz, S. Fernandez, B. Tschanz, K. Hocke, N. Kämpfer, N. Ryan, and M. Palm

QOS2016-137 | presentation
Diurnal variation in mesospheric ozone by ground based microwave radiometry at Ny-Alesund
F. Schranz, S. Fernandez, K. Hocke, and N. Kämpfer

QOS2016-140 | presentation
High frequency retrieval of total ozone from a ground-based NILU-UV radiometer using a neural network model: validation of the model and evaluation of satellite observations.
M.M. Zempila, M. Taylor, M.E. Koukouli, A. Bais, C. Lerot, K. Fragkos, I. Fountoulakis, T. Drosoglou, F. Gkertsi, S. Kazadzis, D. Balis, and M. van Roozendael

Temperature dependence of the Brewer spectral UV and total ozone column measurements
I. Fountoulakis, A.F. Bais, K. Lakkala, Z. Toth, V. De Bock, H. Diémoz, L. Doppler, U. Feister, K. Fragkos, J. Gröbner, A. Heikkilä, T. Karppinen, T. Koskela, J.M. San Atanasio, A.M. Siani, and A.R.D. Smedley

Dead time effect on the Brewer measurements of spectral UV irradiance and TOC: correction and estimated uncertainties
I. Fountoulakis, A. Redondas, A.F. Bais, J.J. Rodriguez-Franco, K. Fragkos, and A Cede

QOS2016-147 | presentation
Long term ozonesonde observations at Marambio, Antarctic Peninsula
R. Sanchez, R. Kivi, G. Carbajal, G. Perez-Fogwill, G. Gambarte, G. Copes, M. Albertini, J. Ferrara, and M. Mei

Comparison of OMI-TOMS and OMI-DOAS total ozone value using Dobson Spectrophotometer at Havana Ozone Station and OMI-TOMS & OMI-DOAS in Camaguey Aeronet Cuban Station
J.C. Peláez, M. Gutierrez, and R. Lorenzo

QOS2016-154 | presentation
Stratospheric ozone observations at mid-latitude NDACC station Río Gallegos (51º 36’S, 69º 19’W ), Patagonia
J. Salvador, E. Wolfram, J. Quiroga, F. Orte, F. Zamorano, S. Godin-Beekmann, A. Pazmiño, E. Quel, H Ohyama, T Nagahama, T Nakajima, and A Mizuno

Improvement of the quality of the ozone profiles from Brewer Spectrophotometers by the neural network method based on Belsk and Warsaw Umkehr data, 2010-2015
J. Jarosławski and B. Kois

QOS2016-158 | presentation
Updates to the zenith-sky ozone retrieval algorithm for the Brewer spectrophotometer
H. Diémoz, V. Savastiouk, and M. Brohart

Ozone Monitoring at the NASA Wallops Flight Facility: Celebrating the First Half Century
L F Bliven, F J Schmidlin, J Moisan, E T Northam, C E Ashburn, A M Thompson, and J C Witte

An ozone climatology based on the distribution of ozonesonde measurements by Lagrangian trajectories
C. Popp and R. Stübi

QOS2016-171 | presentation
Optical characterization of three Reference Dobsons in the ATMOZ Project– Verification of Prof. Dobson’s Original Specifications
U. Köhler, S. Nevas, G. McConville, R. Evans, M. Smid, M. Stanek, A. Redondas, and F. Schönenborn

QOS2016-178 | presentation
Suomi NPP OMPS Limb Profiler Data Products
M. T. DeLand, P. K. Bhartia, G. Jaross, R. Loughman, P. Xu, Z. Chen, N. Kramarova, G. Taha, L. Moy, N. Gorkavyi, and T. Zhu

QOS2016-179 | presentation
Total Ozone Column above Hohenpeissenberg – Comparison of different ground based and satellite borne instruments
U.H. Köhler and W. Steinbrecht

Attendance Time: Wednesday, 7 September 2016, 12:45–13:30
Poster area
Chairperson: Mark Weber
QOS2016-194 | presentation
Umkehr ozone profiles in Thessaloniki and comparison with MLS overpasses
K. Fragkos, I. Petropavlovskikh, A.F. Bais, I. Fountoulakis, and M. Stanek

QOS2016-192 | presentation
La Reunion Island (21°S, 55.5°E) SHADOZ/NDACC station: First re-processed ozonesonde data and comparisons with lidar measurements at the Maïdo Observatory.
F. Posny, B. J. Johnson, J.M. Metzger, V. Duflot, T. Portafaix, P. Cullis, A. M. Thomson, and J. C. Witte

QOS2016-205 | presentation
Improved algorithm baseline for the generation of total ozone climate data records: application to OMI
C. Lerot, T. Danckaert, M. Van Roozendael, R. Spurr, D. Loyola, M. Coldewey-Egbers, M. Koukouli, and D. Balis

Archival of Early Rocket Ozone Data in the WOUDC
D. P. Haffner, A. J. Krueger, E. Hilsenrath, and S. H. Hwang

QOS2016-208 | presentation
OMPS LP aerosol observations of Kelut and Calbuco volcanic eruptions
G. Taha, P. K. Bhartia, P. Xu, R. Loughman, and G. Jaross

Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment III limb scatter observations from the International Space Station
D. Flittner, J. Zawodny, B. Thornton, M. Roell, C. Hill, and K. Leavor

QOS2016-303 | presentation
Waveleng Characterization of Brewer Spectrophotometer with a tunable laser PTB facilities
A. Redondas, S.F. Nevas, A. Berjón, M. Sildoja, V. Carreño, D. Santana, B. Hernández-Cruz, S.F. León-Luis, and J. López-Solano

QOS2016-229 | presentation
Stability of the RBCCE triad during the period 2005-2015
A. Redondas, S.F. León-Luis, V. Carreño, B. Hernández, J. López-Solano, A. Berjón, D. Santana-Díaz, and M. Rodriguez

Determining Surface Ozone Concentrations over the Highveld of South Africa using MODIS derived AOD
F Ahmed, R Moolla, JM Fitchett, and K Abu Taleb

QOS2016-207 | presentation
Retrieval of total ozone with Phaethon DOAS system
A.F. Bais, F. Gkertsi, Th. Drosoglou, K. Fragkos, and N. Kouremeti

QOS2016-215 | presentation
Comparison of ozone profiles among DIAL, two satellite instruments, and chemical transport model simulations over Río Gallegos, Argentina on 23-24 November 2009
T. Sugita, H. Akiyoshi, M. Kadowaki, H. Nakamura, I. Ikeuchi, E. Wolfram, J. Salvador, and A. Mizuno

QOS2016-219 | presentation
Validation of the long term ESA Ozone-CCI GODFIT_v3 Total Ozone Record using three different ground-based instruments at a Northern mid-latitude station
M. E. Koukouli, C. Lerot, K. Fragkos, I. Fountoulakis, M. M. Zempila, M. Taylor, D. Balis, A. Bais, and M. van Roozendael

The use of MLS and OMP LP ozone profiles to validate OMPS NM and NP normalized radiances
C.J. Seftor, G. Jaross, R.D. McPeters, J. Li, and L.A. Moy

QOS2016-222 | presentation
EUBREWNET RBCC-E Huelva 2015 Ozone Brewer Intercomparison
A. Redondas, J. M. Vilaplana, J. Rimmer, A.F. Bais, J Gröbner, V Savastiouk, A Serrano, J.R. Moreta, P Eriksen, K. Willson, T. Karppinen, V. Shirotov, L. Boulkelia, H. Diemoz, T McElroy, J. López-Solano, M. Stanek, and M. M. Brohart and the EUBREWNET

QOS2016-243 | presentation
OMPS calibration improvements
G. Jaross, C. Seftor, G. Chen, L. Moy, and G. Taha

QOS2016-233 | presentation
Ozone-sonde background current correction in De Bilt
M.A.F. Allaart and A.J.M. Piters

QOS2016-225 | presentation
Brewer direct irradiance measurements: polarization effects and model simulation
V. Carreño, H. Diémoz, S.F. León-Luis, J. López-Solano, B. Hernández-Cruz, A. Berjón, D. Santana-Díaz, M. Rodríguez Valido, and A. Redondas

QOS2016-250 | presentation
Preliminar results on the operative cosine correction in Eubrewnet
S. F. León-Luis, K. Lakkala, B. Hernandez-cruz, J. Lopez-Solano, V. Carreño, A. Berjón, D. Santana-Diaz, and A. Redondas

Lauder's multi-decadal ozone measurements: intercomparison and trends
R. R. Querel, J. B. Liley, M. Kotkamp, J. Robinson, H. Shiona, D. Smale, R. Evans, A. McClure, G. McConville, G. Nedoluha, and D. P. J. Swart

The MeteoSwiss automated Dobson: realisation and performance
R. Stübi, W. Siegrist, H. Schill, and P.- A. Probst

Comparison of ozone trends from sondes and satellites data
F. Jeanneret and R. Stübi

The MeteoSwiss Brewer triad: 15 years of parallel measurements
R. Stübi, H. Schill, and W. Siegrist

Intercomparison of daily total column ozone data from the Pandora spectrophotometer with Dobson, Brewer, and OMI measurements over Seoul, Korea
J. Kim, J. Kim, H. K. Cho, J. Herman, S. S. Park, H. K. Lim, J.-H. Kim, and K. Miyagawa

QOS2016-281 | presentation
A European Brewer Network: Web Tools for Ozone Data Process and Configuration Interface
B. Hernández-Cruz, A. Redondas, M. Rodríguez Valido, J. López-Solano, S. F. León-Luis, V. Carreño, A. Berjón, D. Santana-Díaz, J. Rimmer, J. Gröbner, I. Fountoulakis, T. Karppinen, and H. Diémoz

SAVER-Net: An Observing and Data Distribution Network of Atmospheric Ozone, UV Radiation, and Aerosols for the Southern Part of South America
A. Mizuno, N. Sugimoto, E. Wolfram, F. Zamorano, H. Ohyama, J. Salvador, T. Nagahama, T. Sugita, H. Akiyoshi, F. Orte, T. Nakajima, S. Sanchez, G. Carbajal, F. Nollas, A. Acquesta, E. Quel, and Y. Misu

QOS2016-374 | presentation
Total ozone measurements at Italian Brewer stations (Rome and Aosta)
A. M. Siani, G. R. Casale, M. Pedone, F. Scarlatti, and H. Diémoz

Stratospheric and Mesospheric Ozone Profile Intercomparison at OAPA, Río Gallegos
F. Orte, J. Salvador, E. Wolfram, R. D'Elia, J. Quiroga, F. Zamorano, H. Ohyama, A. Mizuno, T. Nagahama, and E. Quel

Attendance Time: Thursday, 8 September 2016, 12:45–13:30
Poster area
Chairperson: NN
Ozone observations at Sodankylä using Brewer spectrophotometer and ECC ozonesondes
R. Kivi, P. Heikkinen, L. Thölix, J. Tamminen, and E. Kyrö

Downscalling of The Total Ozone Column Data of Reanalysis Era40, Through The RCM PRECIS, and Validation with The Espectrophotometer Dobson Data In Argentina..
G. Carbajal Benitez, R. Sanchez, J. D. Aguero, M. Cupeiro, and M. E. Barlasina

Improved Ozone Absorption Cross-Sections in the Huggins Band.
V. Gorshelev, M. Weber, and J. P. Burrows

QOS2016-339 | presentation
Version 7 of the OSIRIS Ozone Data Product: Algorithm Upgrades to the Radiative Transfer Model, Instrument Point Spread Function, and Satellite Pointing Solution
C.Z. Roth, D.A. Degenstein, A.E. Bourassa, D.J. Zawada, L.A. Rieger, M.S. Journot, and N.D. Lloyd

Validation of satellite measurements of ozone depleting substances over the Canadian high Arctic
R. Bauer, K. A. Walker, S. Conway, K. Strong, C. D. Boone, and P. F. Bernath

QOS2016-335 | presentation
Tomographic Retrievals of Ozone with the OMPS Limb Profiler
D. J. Zawada, L. A. Rieger, A. E. Bourassa, and D. A. Degenstein

QOS2016-347 | presentation
Employing DOAS procedure for the study of stratospheric ozone and nitrogen dioxide in Antarctica
I. Bruchkouski, A. Krasouski, V. Dziomin, A. Svetashev, S. Barodka, and L. Turishev

QOS2016-309 | presentation
Comparison of ozone profiles from Broadmeadows and Macquarie Island, 1999-2016.
M.B. Tully and A.R. Klekociuk

SHADOZ (Southern Hemisphere Additional Ozonesondes) Network Report: Activities Update for 2016
A. Thompson and J. Witte & SHADOZ Team

The University of Bremen (IUP) GOME/SCIAMACHY/GOME-2 long-term nadir ozone profile dataset and inter-comparison with the SBUV/2 long-term data record
S. Bötel, M. Weber, A. Rozanov, and J. P. Burrows

Satellite UV products at Finnish Meteorological Institute: GOME-2, OMI and Tropomi
N. Kalakoski, J. Kujanpää, A. Arola, A.V. Lindfors, and J. Tamminen

Measurement of Ozone with Their Precursors in high Temporal and Spatial Resolution from Geostationary Orbit over Asia : Performance Prediction of GEMS
J. Kim, U. Jeong, X. Liu, and K. Chance and the GEMS Science Team

GAIA-CLIM traceability chains and uncertainty quantification study for ozone observations
K. Kreher and the GAIA-CLIM WP2 team

On-Orbit Extensibility of the Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment III (SAGE III) Data Product
C. A. Hill and K. R. Leavor

The Stratospheric Aerosol & Gas Experiment III (SAGE III) on the International Space Station (ISS): Mission Overview and Validation Description
M. Roell, J. Zawodny, L. Thomason, D. Flittner, C. Hill, B. Thornton, M. Cisewski, J. Gasbarre, J. Moore, J.-P. Vernier, and K. Leavor

QOS2016-260 | presentation
Four years measurements of the mesospheric nitric oxide (NO) and ozone with a ground-based millimeter-wave spectral radiometer at Syowa station, Antarctica
T. Nagahama, A. Mizuno, T. Nakajima, H. Ohyama, Y. Kojima, M. K. Ejiri, Y. Tomikawa, M. Tsutsumi, and T. Nakamura

QOS2016-305 | presentation
Impact of approximations in the recommended Dobson algorithm on total column ozone measurements at four Australian sites
M.B. Tully

Ozone and halogens monitoring in the South Western region of the Iberian Peninsula during 2004-2016 period
D. Bortoli, M. J. Costa, P. S. Kulkarni, and A. M. Silva

QOS2016-369 | presentation
Accurate measurements of ozone absorption cross-sections in the Hartley band provide evidence for a revision of the conventional value for tropospheric ozone measurements
J. Viallon, P. Moussay, and R.I. Wielgosz

QOS2016-355 | presentation
Independent remote system to monitor ozone layer state and measure active biological erythema dose of ultraviolet radiation
V. Dziomin, I. Bruchkouski, M. Harbatsevich, A. Krasouski, A. Svetashev, and L. Turishev

QOS2016-356 | presentation
Measuring concentration of surface ozone by means of semiconductor gas sensors
V. Dziomin, A. Krasouski, I. Bruchkouski, A. Svetashev, and L. Turishev

QOS2016-230 | presentation
EUBREWNET real time ozone processing, comparison of Brewer users processing software tools.
A. Redondas, T. Karppinen, H. Diémoz, B. Hernández-Cruz, J. López-Solano, S.F. León-Luis, V. Carreño, A. Berjón, and D. Santana

QOS2016-304 | presentation
A Comparison of Ticosonde-SHADOZ Ozone Profiles to Large-Scale Analyses and Satellite Data
H. B. Selkirk, J. Liu, J. A. Diaz, H. Vömel, G. A. Morris, G. J. Labow, and M. Manyin

Remotely-sensed total-column observations over terrestrial and marine environments and their use for estimating surface nitrogen dioxide
D. E. Kollonige, A. M. Thompson, M Josipovic, M Tzortziou, J. P. Beukes, R. Burger, D. K. Martins, P. G. van Zyl, V. Vakkari, and L. Laakso

QOS2016-364 | presentation
Analysis, Determination and Reprocessing Methods Used for Homogenization of the NOAA Long-term ECC Ozonesonde Time Series
C. W. Sterling, B. Johnson, S. Oltmans, A. Jordan, P. Cullis, J. Witte, and A. Thompson

A Re-processed SHADOZ (Southern Hemisphere ADditional OZonesondes) Dataset: Improvements in Station Bias and Agreement with Satellites
J. C. Witte, A. M. Thompson, G. R. J Coetzee, M. Fujiwara, M. Mohammed, Z. Zainel, F. R. da Silva, B. J. Johnson, C. Sterling, P. Cullis, C. E. Ashburn, and E. T. Northam