IAHS Scientific Assembly 2017
10–14 July 2017
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
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Opening Ceremony and Plenary with invited papers


Water security and the food-water-energy nexus: drivers, responses and feedbacks at local to global scales
Convener: Graham Jewitt  | Co-Convener: Barry Croke 


Water quality and sediment transport issues in surface water
Convener: Gil Mahe  | Co-Conveners: David Hannah , Michael Stone , Kate Heal , Akhilendra B. Gupta 


Prediction in ungauged basins
Convener: Yan Huang  | Co-Conveners: Thomas Skaugen , Attilio Castellarin , C. Neale , María José Polo 


Quantifying uncertainty in hydrological systems: A Bayesian point of view
Convener: Dmitri Kavetski  | Co-Conveners: Jasper Vrugt , Mark Thyer , Lucy Marshall , Ashish Sharma 


Modelling hydrological processes for prediction under change
Convener: Hafzullah Aksoy  | Co-Conveners: Bellie Sivakumar , Y. Chen , Hossein Tabari , Martijn Booij 


Long-term evolution in catchment water quality
Convener: Per Stålnacke  | Co-Conveners: Barry Croke , Elango Lakshmanan , Xiaohong Chen 


Advancements in modeling and characterization of aquifer
Convener: Alberto Bellin  | Co-Conveners: Aldo Fiori , Muhterem Demiroglu , Corinna Abesser 


Methodologies for risk assessment of groundwater contamination
Convener: Felipe de Barros  | Co-Conveners: Antonio Zarlenga , Alraune Zech 


Extreme events: links between science and practice
Convener: Ennio FERRARI  | Co-Conveners: David Hannah , Maria-Carmen Llasat , Enrica Caporali , Radu Drobot , Yves Tramblay , Elena Volpi , Abou Amani , Anil Mishra 


Understanding spatio-temporal variability of water resources and the implications for IWRM in the semi-arid east and southern Africa
Convener: Dominic Mazvimavi  | Co-Conveners: Jean-Marie Kileshye-Onema , Abou Amani , Joel Nobert 


Water Balance and Crop Water Productivity Through Remote Sensing and Modelling
Convener: C. Neale  | Co-Conveners: Bob Su , Frédérique Seyler , Gilles Boulet 


Measurements in the 21st century: innovation in hydrological observations
Convener: Kelly K. Caylor  | Co-Conveners: Rolf Hut , Salvatore Manfreda , Melody Sandells , Flavia Tauro , C. Neale , Rezanezhad Fereidoun , Dominique Bérod 


Hydrology and the Anthropocene
Convener: C. Cudennec  | Co-Conveners: Hubert H.G. Savenije , Hilary McMillan , Anil Mishra , Junguo Liu 


Water resources management and the competition/balance between humans and ecosystems (eco-hydrology)
Convener: Zongxue Xu  | Co-Convener: Alberto Montanari 


Environmental and artificial tracers as indicators in hydrology
Convener: Christine Stumpp  | Co-Conveners: Przemyslaw Wachniew , ZHONGHE PANG , Maki Tsujimura 


Nonstationarity in Hydrology: Theories, Methods and Applications
Convener: Krzysztof Kochanek  | Co-Conveners: Seth Westra , Yuanfang Chen , Dong WANG , Ebru Eris 


Land use change impacts on water resources
Convener: Magdalena Rogger  | Co-Conveners: Graham Jewitt , Alberto Viglione , Michele Toucher 


Advances in cold-region hydrological models and operational snowmelt runoff modelling
Conveners: Tobias Jonas , Alexander Gelfan  | Co-Conveners: Eva Boegh , Magdalena Rogger , Timothy Link , Richard L.H. Essery , Marie Dumont 


Stochastic hydrology: simulation and disaggregation models
Convener: Demetris Koutsoyiannis  | Co-Conveners: Uwe Haberlandt , Andreas Langousis , Yuanfang Chen , Elena Volpi 


Innovative ICT tools for water management and science
Convener: Laura Foglia  | Co-Conveners: Rudy Rossetto , Mary Hill , Melody Sandells , Berit Arheimer 


IAHS Plenary


Probabilistic forecasts and land-atmosphere interactions to advance hydrological predictions
Convener: Christopher White  | Co-Conveners: Maria-Helena Ramos , Aaron Boone , Eva Boegh , Harald Kunstmann , Koray Kamil YILMAZ , Richard Petrone , Kaniska Mallick , Frédérique Seyler , Thomas Skaugen , Alberto Viglione 


Multivariate statistics for hydrological application
Convener: Geoff Pegram  | Co-Conveners: Andràs Bàrdossy , Amir AghaKouchak , Salvatore Grimaldi 


Facilitating Scientific contributions in water diplomacy and cooperation processes
Convener: Blanca Elena Jiménez-Cisneros  | Co-Conveners: Abou Amani , Renee Gift , Nicole Webley 


Graduate Schools in Water Sciences
Convener: Valérie Borell Estupina  | Co-Conveners: E. Servat , Denis Hughes , Claudio Caponi , Youssef Filali , Lisa Guppy , C. Cudennec , Benjamin NGOUNOU NGATCHA , Nidhi Nagabhatla 


Closing ceremony