This session aims at bringing together multidisciplinary studies that address the current state of Arctic observing systems, including strategies to improve them in the future. We invite contributions covering atmosphere, ocean, cryosphere and terrestrial spheres, or combinations thereof, by use of remote sensing, in situ observation technologies, and modeling. Particular foci are placed on (i) the analysis of strengths, weaknesses, gaps in spatial/temporal coverage, and missing monitoring parameters in existing observation networks and databases, and (ii) studies describing the development and/or deployment of new sensors or observation platforms that extend the existing observing infrastructure with multidisciplinary measurements. This session will be supported by the EU-H2020 project INTAROS, and welcomes contributions from other pan-Arctic networks (e.g. INTERACT, GTN-P, NEON, ICOS, SIOS, IASOA, AOOS), multi-disciplinary campaigns (e.g. ABoVE, NGEE Arctic, Arctic Ocean 2018, RV Polarstern cruises) or databases.

Co-organized as AS5.15/BG1.65/CL5.20/CR2.14/OS1.17/SSS13.21
Convener: Roberta Pirazzini | Co-conveners: Andreas P. Ahlstrøm, Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller, Mathias Göckede, Stein Sandven
| Thu, 11 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Room M1
| Attendance Thu, 11 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall X1

Thursday, 11 April 2019 | Room M1

Chairperson: Stein Sandven & Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller
08:30–08:45 |
Christiane Hübner, Heikki Lihavainen, Inger Jennings, Shridhar Jawak, Øystein Godøy, Bo Andersen, Lilith Kuckero, Elizabeth Orr, Georg Hansen, and Hanna Lappalainen
09:00–09:15 |
Christina Biasi, Maija E. Marushchak, Carolina Voigt, Johanna Kerttula, Dmitry Kaverin, Aleksey Faguet, Jens Strauss, Guido Grosse, Timo Kumpula, Tiina Kolari, Tarja Silfver, Anna-Maria Virkkala, Tatiana Trubnikova, Tarfala Research Station, Sweden, Staff, CNR Arctic Station “Dirigibile Italia”, Svalbard, Staff, Czech Arctic Research Station of Josef Svoboda (Petuniabukta), Svalbard, Staff, Finse Alpine Research Centre, Norway, Staff, Toolik Field Station, Alaska, USA, Staff, Benjamin W. Abbott, and Pertti J. Martikainen
09:30–09:45 |
Dmitry Ilinskiy, Oleg Ganzha, Konstantin Roginskiy, and Leopold Lobkovskiy
09:45–10:00 |
Andrey Proshutinsky, Richard Krishfield, John Toole, Mary-Louise Timmermans, Bill Williams, and Sarah Zimmermann