Numerous cases of induced/triggered seismicity have been reported in the last decades as a result of the increasing interest in fluid injection/extraction projects related to geo-resources exploration. When such seismicity is felt by the population, it can negatively affect public perception of geo-energies and may lead to the cancellation of important projects. Furthermore, large earthquakes may jeopardize wellbore stability and damage surface infrastructure. Thus, a key issue is to better understand how to monitor and model the processes leading to seismicity, in order to facilitate the development of effective and reliable forecasting methodologies during deep underground exploitation.
Given the complexity of induced seismicity processes and their interdisciplinary nature, understanding the triggering mechanisms implies to take into account coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical-chemical processes.
In this session, we invite contributions from research aimed at understanding such processes during exploitation of deep underground resources, including hydrocarbon
extraction, wastewater disposal, geothermal
energy exploitation, hydraulic fracturing, gas storage and production, mining, and reservoir impoundment for hydro-energy.
We particularly encourage novel contributions based on laboratory and underground near-fault experiments, numerical modelling, spatio-temporal variations of physical parameters and seismicity, and fieldwork, covering both theoretical and experimental aspects of induced and triggered seismicity at multiple spatial and temporal scales.

Co-organized as EMRP1.82/SM6.5
Convener: Antonio Pio Rinaldi | Co-conveners: Luisa Valoroso, Victor Vilarrasa, Marie Violay
| Thu, 11 Apr, 08:30–12:30
Room L2
| Attendance Thu, 11 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Hall X1

Attendance time: Thursday, 11 April 2019, 16:15–18:00 | Hall X1

Chairperson: Luisa Valoroso, Victor Vilarrasa
X1.103 |
Luisa Valoroso, Luigi Improta, Davide Piccinini, and Karola Schulz
X1.104 |
Davide Piccinini, Luisa Valoroso, Luigi Improta, Carlo Giunchi, and Samer Bagh
X1.107 |
| presentation
Victor Vilarrasa, Roman Makhnenko, and Francesco Parisio
X1.108 |
Antonio Petruccelli, Antonio Pio Rinaldi, Peter Meier, Thessa Tormann, and Stefan Wiemer
X1.110 |
Alessandra Lanzoni, Luca Moratto, Enrico Priolo, and Maria Adelaide Romano
X1.111 |
Claudia Werner and Erik H. Saenger
X1.112 |
Nicolas Wynants-Morel, Frédéric Cappa, and Louis De Barros
X1.113 |
Gregor Hillers, Tommi A.T. Vuorinen, Päivi B. Mäntyniemi, Marja Uski, Jari T. Kortstöm, and Timo Tiira
X1.114 |
Luigi Vadacca, Daniele Rossi, Anna Scotti, and Mauro Buttinelli
X1.116 |
Tania Toledo, Emmanuel Gaucher, Metz Malte, Philippe Jousset, Hansruedi Maurer, Charlotte Krawczyk, Angel Figueroa, and Marco Calo
X1.118 |
Piercarlo Giacomel, Elena Spagnuolo, Marco Scuderi, Giulio Di Toro, and Cristiano Collettini
X1.119 |
Sebastian Anger, Stephanie Wollherr, and Alice-Agnes Gabriel
X1.120 |
Rui Wu and Omid Moradian
X1.121 |
Raffaella De Matteis, Vincenzo Convertito, Ortensia Amoroso, Roberta Esposito, and Paolo Capuano