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Meteorology and hydrology act in tandem across the interface of the earth's surface, and as our understanding and predictive capabilities grow this interface is becoming increasingly important. For the good of society, the need to meld together the two disciplines is now stronger than ever. Indeed many national meteorological services around the world have been evolving, formally or informally, into national hydro-meteorological services. The aim of this new session is to provide a large and all-embracing hydro-meteorological forum where experts from both disciplines can join forces, to combine and exploit expertise, and to accelerate the integration process. We invite contributions across a wide-range of spatial scales (from 10s of metres up to global), and a wide-range of time scales (from ~1 hour up to seasonal and climate change), including, but not limited to, the following topics:
- land-atmosphere interaction and hydrological processes, including feedback mechanisms;
- understanding the meteorological processes driving hydrological extremes;
- tools, techniques, and expertise in forecasting hydro-meteorological extremes (e.g. river flooding, flash floods, droughts, etc.);
- fully integrated numerical earth system modelling;
- quantification/propagation of uncertainties in hydro-meteorological models;
- quantification of (past/future) hydrological trends in observations and climate models;
- hydro-meteorological prediction that includes the associated impacts;
- related cryospheric processes;
- environmental variable monitoring by remote sensing.

Conveners: Timothy Hewson, Conor Murphy, Fatima Pillosu
| Wed, 11 Sep, 10:30–15:30|Oticon Hall
| Attendance Thu, 12 Sep, 09:30–10:30 | Display Wed, 11 Sep, 13:30–Fri, 13 Sep, 13:30|Sports Hall
Display time: Wednesday, 11 September 2019 13:30–Friday, 13 September 13:30

Attendance time: Thursday, 12 September 2019, 09:30–10:30 | Sports Hall

Chairperson: 16879
P202 |
Amelie Krug, Praveen Kumar Pothapakula, Cristina Primo, and Bodo Ahrens
Chairperson: 16879
P203 |
Importance of land surface model resolution for simulating hydrological extremes across Europe
Eveline van der Linden, Wietse Franssen, and Fulco Ludwig
Chairperson: 16879
P204 |
Fatima Pillosu, Calum Baugh, Tim Hewson, Elisabeth Stephens, Christel Prudhomme, and Hannah Cloke
Chairperson: 16879
P205 |
Ivan R.Gelpi, Roberto Hernandez, Julio Cesar Salazar, Rubén Santos, Christian Stocker, Jose Antonio Aranda, and Santiago Gaztelumendi
Chairperson: 16879
Chairperson: 16879
P207 |
Paul O'Connor, Conor Murphy, and Tom Matthews

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