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OSA – Operational Systems and Applications

OSA1 – Operational systems


The challenges of modelling and observing the climate and weather of Greenland 
Convener: Ruth Mottram  | Co-Convener: Jason Box 


Numerics and physics-dynamics coupling in weather and climate models 
Convener: Daniel Reinert  | Co-Convener: Guy de Morsier 


Forecasting, nowcasting and warning systems 
Conveners: Timothy Hewson , Yong Wang  | Co-Conveners: Bernhard Reichert , Fulvio Stel 

OSA1.4/ES1.5OSA1.4/ ES1.5

Delivery and communication of impact forecasting and impact modelling of weather and natural hazard events (co-organized) 
Conveners: Rebecca Hemingway , Adriaan Perrels  | Co-Conveners: Tanja Cegnar , Haleh Kootval , Seungbum Kim 


Data assimilation and use of observations in meteorology and oceanography 
Conveners: Sarah Dance , Alexander Cress  | Co-Convener: Kasper S. Hintz 


Probabilistic and ensemble forecasting from short to seasonal time scales 
Convener: Andrea Montani  | Co-Conveners: Jan Barkmeijer , Fernando Prates 


Forecast verification 
Convener: Marion Mittermaier  | Co-Conveners: Manfred Dorninger , Anna Ghelli 


Meteorological observations from GNSS and Copernicus satellites 
Convener: Jonathan Jones  | Co-Convener: Guergana Guerova 


Forecasters’ session 
Convener: Antti Mäkelä  | Co-Conveners: Henri Nyman , Christian Csekits , Evelyn Cusack 


Challenges in High Resolution Short Range NWP at European level including forecaster-developer cooperation 
Convener: Balázs Szintai  | Co-Conveners: Chiara Marsigli , Emily Gleeson 


The Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRF): development, research and applications 
Convener: Gert-Jan Steeneveld  | Co-Convener: Hugo Hartmann 

OSA2 – Applications of meteorology


Reducing weather risks to transport: air, sea and land 
Convener: Fraser Ralston  | Co-Convener: Christine Le Bot 


Agricultural meteorology 
Convener: Keith Lambkin  | Co-Conveners: Josef Eitzinger , Sándor Szalai 


Energy meteorology 
Convener: Sven-Erik Gryning  | Co-Conveners: Ekaterina Batchvarova , Marion Schroedter-Homscheidt , Yves-Marie Saint-Drenan 


Atmospheric effects on humans 
Conveners: Andreas Matzarakis , Tanja Cegnar  | Co-Conveners: Fiorella Acquaotta , Sorin Cheval 

OSA3 – Applications of climate research


Climate monitoring: data rescue, management, quality and homogenization 
Convener: Manola Brunet-India  | Co-Conveners: Victor Venema , Dan Hollis , John Kennedy 


Spatial climatology 
Convener: Ole Einar Tveito  | Co-Conveners: Mojca Dolinar , Christoph Frei 


Climate Applications of satellite data 
Convener: Christine Traeger-Chatterjee  | Co-Conveners: Federico Fierli , Seppo Hassinen , Uwe Pfeifroth 


The Copernicus Climate Change Service 
Conveners: Carlo Buontempo , Dick Dee , Jean-Noel Thepaut 


Challenges in deriving actionable information from climate model ensembles 
Convener: Andreas Fischer  | Co-Conveners: Martin Widmann , Barbara Früh , Ivonne Anders , Rob van Dorland , Fai Fung 


Knowledge gaps in the chain between climate models to climate services 
Conveners: Janette Bessembinder , Francesca Guglielmo  | Co-Conveners: Bernd Eggen , Sylvie Joussaume , Aleksandra Krzic 


MEDiterranean Services Chain based On climate PrEdictions (MEDSCOPE) 
Convener: Silvio GUALDI  | Co-Conveners: Lauriane Batté , Javier Garcia-Serrano 


Climate change in mountainous areas 
Convener: Sándor Szalai  | Co-Conveners: Idoia Arauzo , Juan Terrádez Mas 

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