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NET – Networking

Programme group chair: Peter van der Beek


PICTURE A SCIENTIST chronicles the groundswell of researchers who are writing a new chapter for women scientists. Biologist Nancy Hopkins, chemist Raychelle Burks, and geologist Jane Willenbring lead viewers on a journey deep into their own experiences in the sciences, ranging from brutal harassment to years of subtle slights. Along the way, from cramped laboratories to spectacular field stations, we encounter scientific luminaries - including social scientists, neuroscientists, and psychologists - who provide new perspectives on how to make science itself more diverse, equitable, and open to all.

Public information:
The EGU programme committee and EDI working group are delighted to be able to offer all vEGU21 participants a second opportunity to watch the incredible film 'Picture a Scientist' directed by Sharon Shattuck and Ian Cheney online.

Your home movie viewing will be possible anytime from the morning of Thursday 28 April until the morning of Sunday 2 May. Please access the film screening through the button below being visible during that time period.

You may also view the recording of Monday’s Great Debate, Challenging discrimination in the geosciences: amplifying unheard voices, during which Prof. Jane Willenbring talked to EGU participants and answered questions about discrimination in the geosciences: https://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU21/session/41195

Entering the link to the video requires the following password: egu421
Convener: Terri Cook | Co-convener: Lisa Wingate
Sat, 24 Apr, 08:00 (CEST), –Mon, 26 Apr, 00:00, –Tue, 27 Apr, 00:00, –Tue, 27 Apr, 09:00

Join us for an evening playing games and socialising. There will be games of all kinds, for example card, board, roleplay and video, and each game will have at least some loose link to geosciences! This will also be your chance to play the games showcased in the Games for Geoscience science session. You are welcome to bring your own game to play and share, please contact one of the convenors so we can help you advertise it.

We welcome continuation of discussions in our Discord server - https://discord.gg/teQXBh5

Convener: Christopher Skinner | Co-conveners: Rolf Hut, Sam Illingworth, Elizabeth Lewis, Jazmin Scarlett
Wed, 28 Apr, 17:30–19:00 (CEST)

Poetry can be a very effective tool in communicating science to a broader audience, and can even help to enhance the long-term retention of scientific content. During this session, we will discuss how poetry can be used to make your science more accessible to the world, including to your colleagues, your family, your friends, and other publics.

We aim to maximise empowerment and minimise intimidation, and in this fully interactive session, participants will have the opportunity to work on poems that help to communicate their research, and will be provided with feedback and advice on how to make them more effective, engaging and empathetic.

Public information:
This session will take place via Zoom, and a URL to the session will be made public approximately 15 minutes before the session starts. If you have any questions about the session please contact the lead convener Sam Illingworth (s.illingworth@napier.ac.uk).
Convener: Sam Illingworth | Co-conveners: Caitlyn Hall, Tim van Emmerik
Thu, 29 Apr, 17:30–19:00 (CEST)

Research, especially for early career scientists (ECS), starts with the spark of an idea and is then often challenged by empirical or methodological road bumps and seemingly dead ends. In Earth Science research, we face a diverse range of challenges, including (1) access difficulties, whether for field sites, equipment or data, (2) problems of temporal and spatial scaling and extrapolation and (3) a lack of methods, theory or knowledge or (4) every day live challenges as a scientist. In this networking session we want to address some of those 'problems'. In the discussion of these challenges we seek to find possible solutions, suggest new research approaches and methods, and encourage further networking amongst early career scientists at future international conferences.

We will start the session at this year's virtual meeting with 2 minute ‘pop-up’ presentations outlining some challenges. These pop-ups are followed by chaired and structured outbreak group discussions. This short course lives by your input, so participants are engaged to actively crowd solve the presented challenges. To wrap up the session, solutions and suggestions from each topical group are presented to the whole session in a final discussion. To ensure that people are able to have a safe and open space to share their ideas, we ask you to join for the whole session and if possible have your video turned on. You can get an idea of past crowd-solving sessions in summary blog posts from 2018 (EGU GM blog) and 2019 (EGU blog).

If you have a 'problem' you would like to discuss in the networking session with us, please send a short statement (3-4 sentences) of your idea or challenge and your motivation for solving it to us, by March 15, 2021. We expect a non-hierarchic, respectful and constructive environment for the discussions, which will hopefully encourage the participants to identify and approach problems faced by early-career scientists.

Public information:
Please register in advance for this meeting:
Convener: Anne Voigtländer | Co-conveners: Hannah Gies, Erin Harvey, Johanna MengesECSECS, Gerald Raab, Stefanie TofeldeECSECS, Renee van Dongen, Sam Woor
Mon, 26 Apr, 17:30–19:00 (CEST)

Public information:
The ERE Early Career Scientists (ECS) event aims at providing an informal platform for networking opportunities. We're using Gather.town which allows everyone interested to get in touch face-to-face or in groups, among existing colleagues and new ones. ERE officials will be present to answer your questions. We are looking forward to this virtual meeting and have some fun!
Convener: Morgan Tranter | Co-conveners: Sonja Martens, Viktor J. Bruckman
Tue, 27 Apr, 18:00–19:00 (CEST)

Public information:
The ERE event aims at connecting the ERE community in an informal and open fashion. Here, all members are invited top provide and discuss feedback, ideas and input for future General Assemblies. The entire ERE team is looking forward welcoming you to this networking event!
Conveners: Viktor J. Bruckman, Sonja Martens, Morgan Tranter
Thu, 29 Apr, 12:00–13:00 (CEST)

During the last century, nonlinear sciences have greatly matured, moving from first ideas by Lewis Fry Richardson, passing through the evidence of the so-called deterministic chaos by Lorenz, up to the concept of fractals introduced by Mandelbrot. New paradigms have been introduced like scaling laws, scale invariance, self-organization, stochastic processes, predictability, tipping points, extreme events, and so on, involving both theoretical and methodological approaches, making nonlinear sciences a highly multidisciplinary field with an important role in fundamental geoscience.
During the last decades, methodologies, modelling and data analysis techniques have been significantly improved to provide a deeper understanding of nonlinear processes in geosciences, both testifying “classical” approaches and looking forward to future challenges and developments.
In this Townhall Meeting, some scientific officers of the Nonlinear Processes in Geosciences (NP) Division of EGU will provide their view on our understanding and challenges within our NP community. This is an excellent opportunity, especially for the young scientists, to meet with the experts and discuss the future of our community. We will be glad to follow a bottom-up approach in which the community, both established researchers and the Early Career Scientists, is invited to propose specific topics, themes, aspects, and questions for an open discussion with the NP officers about future opportunities, challenges, and directions in our field.

Conveners: Tommaso Alberti, François G. Schmitt | Co-conveners: Christian Franzke, Niklas Boers, Reik Donner, Vera Melinda Galfi
Wed, 28 Apr, 17:30–19:00 (CEST)

Public information:
please use the zoom link for NET25 'AS-event for all division members'

Quiz & Stretch!
Everyone is welcome to join this event! This event includes two parts of activities:
1. Quiz! (20min) The most challenging questions about atmospheric science and geoscience ever! Top 5 winners can feature their research/life/family/etc on Twitter @EGU_Atmos (with >1800 followers)!
2. Stretch! (30 min) The yoga instructor Silvia will teach us some easy movements to stretch our body and relax from the vEGU21! More about Silvia: www.siyoga.org/; Her Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UC2FumD-2SmFTEUBlyitkC9A; Facebook: http://facebook.com/siyoga2020
Join us and you will get mentally and physically relaxed!
Convener: Mengze Li
Wed, 21 Apr, 18:00–19:00 (CEST)

Public information:
Biogeosciences (BG) Division Networking Event for Early Career Scientists (ECSs) - but not only, anyone interested in meeting new people, speaking to colleagues or following up on discussions from sessions is warmly welcome to join! You will also have the opportunity to meet the BG ECS Team. This event will run via Gather.town.
Convener: Hana JurikovaECSECS
Wed, 28 Apr, 19:00–21:00 (CEST)

Public information:
The representatives of the Early-Career Scientist (ECS) and outreach team of the Climate division welcome all ECS during this networking event. The event is based on Gathertown Game and the objective is to create an opportunity for new young scientists to meet leading scientists in climate, enhance their network and have some feedback about career life in climate science....

This networking event will be organized via the online platform gather.town (https://gather.town/i/wwsPoATP). It is a video-calling space that lets multiple people hold separate conversations in parallel, walking in and out of those conversations (just as in real life) with your own “avatar”. You do not need any prior experience with gather.town (but for those eager: it always helps to check out online resources and tips & tricks). The best tip we found: You can make your Avatar dance by pressing “Z” on your keyboard (use a Google Chrome or Firefox browser).

Join us and have fun.
Convener: Carole NehmeECSECS | Co-convener: Janina J. Nett
Thu, 22 Apr, 18:00–19:00 (CEST)
CR ECS-event
Convener: Jenny Turton
Wed, 21 Apr, 12:30–13:30 (CEST)

Public information:
This networking event is a very good opportunity to know your peers belonging to the EMRP community. This meeting is the perfect moment to talk about your concerns as Early Career Scientist, start new collaborations or having a low-key chat. Don't miss it!!
Convener: Saioa A. Campuzano
Tue, 27 Apr, 18:00–19:00 (CEST)

Public information:
This networking events gives you the opportunity to get to know your peers belonging to the ESSI community. We will be discussing two topics proposed by the ESSI ECS community over the weeks before the General Assembly: the challenge and opportunities raising from attending (virtual) conferences in geosciences, and the importance of scientific error reporting culture.
This meeting is also the perfect moment to ask your peers careers advice, start new research collaboration, or having a low-key chat.
Convener: Federico AmatoECSECS
Tue, 27 Apr, 12:00–13:00 (CEST)

Public information:
The ECS Geodesy Team is inviting you to join the Early Career Scientist (ECS) event within the Geodesy Division. You will meet the outgoing and incoming ECS Geodesy Representatives (and other Geodesy Division Board members), get more information about the EGU, and get in contact with other Geodesy ECS. The meeting will be on Zoom and login-Information will become available here before the event.
We are looking forward meeting you in a few days.

PS: You are not an ECS, but would like to join. Don’t worry and log into the Zoom meeting. We are happy to see you there.
Convener: Katrin BentelECSECS | Co-convener: Rebekka Steffen
Mon, 19 Apr, 12:30–13:30 (CEST)

Public information:
The GD Early Career Scientists (ECS) event "Informal lunch" aims at providing an informal platform for networking opportunities. This event is particularly aimed at ECS to connect with fellow early-career scientists from their field and to learn more about the Geodynamics division and its activities. As the event is scheduled very early on in the conference, it is also the perfect opportunity to gather tips and tricks on how to make the most of the virtual GA.

You can join simply by the Zoom link that will be provided here in the programme shortly before the start of the event.

Grab yourself a coffee/lunch, and we hope to see you there and have some fun!
Convener: Anna Gülcher | Co-convener: Iris van Zelst
Tue, 20 Apr, 12:30–13:30 (CEST)

Public information:
Music, informal chats in break-out rooms, quick surveys, virtual HAPPY hour... what else? Let’s meet over Zoom and get to know each other! The GMPV ECS networking event is open to everyone! Conference participants will see the link to join 15 minutes before the session starts.

Looking forward to seeing lots of you there!
Convener: Giulia Consuma
Thu, 22 Apr, 18:00–19:00 (CEST)
HS & GI ECS-networking event
Conveners: Caitlyn Hall, Tim van Emmerik | Co-conveners: Sina Khatami, Elena Cristiano
Mon, 26 Apr, 12:30–13:30 (CEST)
NH ECS-event
Convener: Valeria Cigala
Wed, 21 Apr, 12:30–13:30 (CEST)
PS ECS-event
Convener: Joshua Dreyer
Thu, 29 Apr, 18:00–19:00 (CEST)

Public information:
Come and join us at the virtual Bermuda Bräu, where you can connect with the fellow seismologists, play games and join the vEGU Shanty! The ECS SM Team is looking forward to see you all there.
Convener: Janneke de Laat | Co-conveners: Maria Tsekhmistrenko, Eric LöberichECSECS
Wed, 28 Apr, 19:00–20:00 (CEST)

Public information:
Join us for our Early Career Scientist Networking. There will be a short introduction of the ECS representatives and then time to get to know each other in break out rooms.

We also encourage senior scientists to join and share their experiences and guidance to ECS.

Looking forward to get to know you!
Conveners: Meriel J. Bittner, Madeleine Vickers, Alicia FantasiaECSECS
Tue, 20 Apr, 12:30–13:30 (CEST)
SSS ECS-event
Convener: Layla Márquez San Emeterio | Co-conveners: Danny Itkin, Olga Vindušková, Ikenna Osumgborogwu, Daniel Evans
Thu, 29 Apr, 18:00–19:00 (CEST)
TS ECS-event
Convener: David Fernández-Blanco
Tue, 20 Apr, 19:00–20:00 (CEST)

Public information:
The ECS Union-wide Networking Event is the opportunity to get to know your peers across all disciplines. As we all know, your network goes beyond your peers and therefore senior scientists, medallists and awardees, EGU volunteers, committee members and ECS Representatives will also be around. Make sure you catch them for career advice, interesting stories, or just a low-key chat.
Conveners: Simon Clark, Anouk Beniest, Anita Di Chiara
Tue, 27 Apr, 19:00–20:00 (CEST)

Public information:
Are you and Early Career Scientist (ECS) and do you have ideas and recommendations for EGU and/or about EGU? During this forum we are asking the opinions and input from our ECS members. EGU is there for all its member, but what can we do specifically for ECS? In an interactive way we will ask the audience questions to get a feeling for what ECS are looking for and how EGU can provide this.

Come join us!
Conveners: Anouk Beniest, Anita Di Chiara, Jenny Turton
Wed, 28 Apr, 12:30–13:30 (CEST)
AS-event for all division members
Conveners: Mengze Li, Athanasios Nenes
Wed, 21 Apr, 18:00–19:00 (CEST)

Public information:
Please come along to our BG Division Networking Event that follows on from the BG Division meeting and Medal and Awards Lectures from earlier in the day.

We invite you to participate in an aperitif with the 2019 and 2020 BG awardees (so be sure to have a refreshing glass of something in hand;-)) where we will have an informal Q&A session following on from the lectures and for more detailed discussions with the awardees we will open up break out rooms where BG members can mingle and discuss with the awardees. In addition we will maintain an open general break out room where the BG Division members can discuss BG activities and have an opportunity to network with the BG Division representatives.
Conveners: Lisa Wingate, Hana JurikovaECSECS
Fri, 23 Apr, 17:15–18:30 (CEST)

Public information:
Please join on the Gather.Town (follow the link) and let's meet in the Lounge
Convener: Irka Hajdas | Co-conveners: Janina J. Nett, Carole NehmeECSECS
Wed, 21 Apr, 18:00–19:00 (CEST)
CR-event for all division members
Convener: Jenny Turton
Tue, 27 Apr, 18:00–19:00 (CEST)
EMRP-event for all division members
Conveners: Saioa A. Campuzano, Fabio Florindo
Wed, 28 Apr, 18:00–19:00 (CEST)

Public information:
This networking event gives you the opportunity to get to know your peers belonging to the ESSI community. We want to hear about your experiences at #vEGU21 and look ahead towards EGU 2022.
Conveners: Federico AmatoECSECS, Jens Klump, Jane Hart
Thu, 29 Apr, 12:30–13:30 (CEST)

Public information:
We would like to continue the recently started tradition of having a "Geodesy Reception" to informally meet during EGU. We thus invite everyone to grab a drink and join us on Thursday evening. The reception will be held on gather.town (https://gather.town/). In Gather you can virtually walk through the venue with your avatar, start and join conversions just as in real life.

Very much looking forward to seeing you there!

The information on how to join will be made available here soon.
Convener: Katrin BentelECSECS | Co-convener: Annette Eicker
Thu, 22 Apr, 19:00–20:00 (CEST)

Public information:
Scientists from all career stages are encouraged to join this apero-hour in a virtual “Vienna café” to chat with colleagues and make new connections. It is also the perfect opportunity to promote any upcoming session you are involved in!

This networking event will be organized via the online platform gather.town: a video-calling space that lets multiple people hold separate conversations in parallel, walking in and out of those conversations (just as in real life) with your own “avatar”. You do not need any prior experience with gather.town (but for those eager: it always helps to check out online resources and tips & tricks). The best tip we found: You can make your Avatar dance by pressing “Z” on your keyboard (oh, and use a Google Chrome or Firefox browser).

Upon entry into the virtual space, head over to the "Lounge" and join your peers for a fun time. Grab yourself a drink, and we hope to see you there!
Convener: Anna Gülcher | Co-conveners: Jeroen van Hunen, Paul Tackley
Mon, 26 Apr, 18:00–19:00 (CEST)

Public information:
The social event for GMPV members and their friends! This is a chance to meet and greet and to chat in a fun, informal setting. (The Gather.town setting has some cats hidden within it...so bring some virtual catnip and see if you can find them).
We look forward to welcoming you at this fun event.
Convener: Marian Holness
Mon, 26 Apr, 19:00–20:00 (CEST)
NH-event for all division members
Convener: Valeria Cigala
Fri, 23 Apr, 12:30–13:30 (CEST)
NP ECS-event
Convener: Tommaso Alberti
Thu, 22 Apr, 18:00–19:00 (CEST)
OS-event for all division members I
Convener: Meriel J. Bittner | Co-conveners: Karen J. Heywood, Johan van der Molen
Fri, 23 Apr, 12:30–13:30 (CEST)
OS-event for all division members II
Convener: Meriel J. Bittner | Co-conveners: Karen J. Heywood, Johan van der Molen
Thu, 29 Apr, 18:00–19:00 (CEST)
PS-event for all division members
Convener: Joshua Dreyer
Wed, 21 Apr, 17:30–18:30 (CEST)

Public information:
The SSP Networking event for all division members will be the perfect opportunity to share a great moment with your friends and colleagues stratigraphers, sedimentologists and paleontologists.
Just bring your favorite drink & snack and join us in the virtual spaces in Gather.town (https://gather.town/i/wwsPoATP)!
Conveners: Madeleine Vickers, Alicia FantasiaECSECS
Tue, 20 Apr, 17:00–18:00 (CEST)
SSS-event for all division members
Convener: Daniel Evans | Co-conveners: Layla Márquez San Emeterio, Anna Gunina, Beatrice Giannetta, Agnieszka Józefowska, Claudio Zaccone
Tue, 20 Apr, 18:00–19:00 (CEST)
TS-event for all division members
Conveners: Paola Vannucchi, David Fernández-Blanco
Wed, 28 Apr, 12:30–13:30 (CEST)

Public information:
During the Networking event, we would like to invite the LGBTQAI+ community and allies. We hope to increase the visibility of our community and promote a friendly and inclusive environment for the future within the EGU and the academic community.
Convener: Anita Di Chiara | Co-convener: Michael Prior-Jones
Mon, 19 Apr, 17:30–19:00 (CEST)

Public information:
Orientated towards First-Time Attendees, Mentors, and Mentees, the Icebreaker provides space for you to meet other attendees from across multiple disciplines and to build your social network. The Icebreaker is your opportunity to talk science, careers, or just to socialise at the beginning of the conference. Hosted on the Gathertown platform, the event is unstructured and there for you to stay as long as you wish during the time-slot: you need only to turn up and mingle with others.
Convener: Simon Clark
Mon, 19 Apr, 12:30–13:30 (CEST)

Public information:
This networking event will introduce you to science-policy professionals and scientists with experience engaging with policy. After a short introduction, attendees will be split into small breakout rooms with the ‘science for policy experts’ to hear their personal experiences and get advice about how best to engage at the science-policy interface.

Each group will be capped at 8 people and the entire session will be capped at 100. Please join the session promptly to ensure your place during this virtual session!

Breakout room leaders:
- Helen Sitar: Science Policy Officer, EMBO
- Aaron McKinnon: Communication Agent at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre
- Matthias Girod: EuroScience Secretary-General
- Ilias Grampas: EU Affairs Manager for the Secretariat of the European Parliament Intergroup on ‘Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development’
- Noel Baker: Project Manager, Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, Former European Commission Blue Book Trainee, EGU Policy Competition Winner 2018
- Lexi Schultz: Vice President of Public Affairs, American Geophysical Union
- Michael Villafranca: Senior Specialist of Public Affairs, American Geophysical Union
- Ned Staniland: EGU 2020 Policy Intern, PhD candidate in the Space and Atmospheric Physics Group
- Florence Bullough, Head of Policy and Engagement, The Geological Society of London
- Solmaz Mohadjer: Assistant [and visiting] Professor, EGU science-policy pairing scheme participant 2019, Founder of ParsQuake Project
- Winfried Hoke: Executive Secretary at European Climate Research Alliance
- Adriana Bankston: Incoming Chief Executive Officer & Managing Publisher, Journal of Science Policy and Governance
Convener: Chloe Hill
Mon, 26 Apr, 16:00–17:00 (CEST)

Public information:
This session will introduce you to the EGU’s science-policy pairing scheme, an annual activity coordinated by the EGU to help promote a culture of evidence-informed policymaking and stronger science-policy partnerships. It will feature presentations from those who have previously participated in the pairing scheme and allow attendees to ask their own questions about it and the involvement of science in the policymaking process more generally.

This networking session is likely to be of interest to anyone interested in engaging with policy and particularly those who may be interested in participating in the pairing-scheme in the future.

Moderator: Ilias Grampas, EU Affairs Manager for the Secretariat of the European Parliament Intergroup on ‘Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development’

- Solmaz Mohadjer: Assistant Professor at the University of Central Asia in Tajikistan, EGU science-policy pairing scheme participant 2019
- Renée Bichler: PhD Candidate at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), EGU science-policy pairing scheme participant 2020/21
Convener: Chloe Hill
Tue, 27 Apr, 16:00–16:45 (CEST)

Public information:
Following on from the How to influence policy through engaging with Parliaments Short Course, this networking session will give attendees the opportunity to practice pitching their research findings or policy ask to a policymaker. The interactive nature of this session will give attendees the opportunity to develop their skills in presenting their research to a policy audience. It will begin with a brief overview of principles of effective communication with policymakers, then attendees will have the opportunity to do a quick pitch of their research findings and policy ask, before receiving constructive feedback from session conveners and other attendees. It will also give attendees the chance to identify potential collaborations with other members of EGU with similar policy interests.

While it is recommended that attendees also attend the How to influence policy through engaging with Parliaments Short Course that will be hosted directly before this networking session, it is not necessary or a prerequisite to joining. The topics discussed during the session will be complementary to the Short Course but will also be useful as stand-alone tools. Attendees should come with an idea in their head of the ‘policy ask’ they want to pitch (e.g. a change in law, new legislation or regulation, change in government priority or something else). This may relate to their own research or that of others.

Moderator: Chloe Hill, EGU Policy Officer

- Sarah Foxen: Knowledge Exchange Lead at POST, UK Parliament
- Theodoros Karapiperis, Head of Scientific Foresight (STOA) Unit at European Parliament
Convener: Chloe Hill
Wed, 28 Apr, 17:00–18:00 (CEST)