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Programme Groups

GMPV5 –  Petrology
Magma generation and differentiation: Field, analytical, experimental and numerical investigation of magmatic and volcanic systems
Co-Conveners: R. Gertisser , C. Freda 
How magma chambers work: recent advances in the study of granitic, alkaline and mafic-ultramafic plutonic complexes
Co-Convener: J. Vander Auwera 
Evolution of the lithospheric mantle: a petrological and geochemical perspective from the non-cratonic mantle xenoliths and orogenic peridotites
Convener: T. Ntaflos  | Co-Conveners: C. Bonadiman , M. Grégoire 
Batholith formation in space and time (co-organized)
Equilibrium thermodynamics in metamorphic and magmatic petrology: state of the art, open issues and critical feedback from field and experiment
Convener: T. Abu-Alam 
Fluids in the deep Earth: Natural Observations, Experiments and Simulations of Fluid-Rock Interaction at high Pressures (co-organized)
Co-Convener: T. John