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Programme Groups

CL – Climate: Past, Present, Future

CL1 – Past climates
CL2 – Present climate
CL3 – Future climate
CL4 – Past-Present-Future climates
CL5 – Tools for climate studies
CL6 – Climate communication

Open Session on Climate: Past, Present and Future
Convener: D.-D. Rousseau  | Co-Convener: M.-A. Sicre 
Oral Programme
Poster Programme
Poster Summaries & DiscussionsPSD9.1 
Milutin Milankovic Medal Lecture by Wolfgang H. Berger
Convener: D.-D. Rousseau 
Hans Oeschger Medal Lecture by Michael Mann
Convener: D.-D. Rousseau 
CL1 –  Past climates
Progress in understanding Neoproterozoic pan-glaciations (potential Snowball Earth episodes) (posters only)
Convener: A. Voigt  | Co-Convener: Y. Donnadieu 
Poster Programme
Poster Summaries & DiscussionsPSD9.2 
Modelling paleoclimates from the Cretaceous to the Holocene: learning from numerical experiments and model-data comparisons
Convener: M. Kageyama  | Co-Conveners: D. Lunt , A. Paul 
Polar continental margins and fjords - glacial and climatic evolution in the Cenozoic
Convener: J. S. Laberg  | Co-Conveners: A. Camerlenghi , C. Escutia , F. Florindo , M. Forwick , Harwood , H. C. Hass (deceased) , B. O. Hjelstuen , K. Hogan , M. Rebesco 
Cenozoic greenhouse climates and carbon cycle dynamics (co-organized)
Convener: J. L. Toney  | Co-Convener: P. Bijl 
Climate response to orbital forcing (including Milutin Milankovic Medal Lecture)
Convener: E. McClymont  | Co-Convener: A. Haywood 
Paleoenvironmental, tectonic and human evolution across the Levant-Anatolia Regions
Interglacial climate change - Learning from paleoclimate archives and models (co-sponsored by the IGBP project Past Global Changes (PAGES) and the FP7 project Past4Future)
Convener: H. Renssen  | Co-Convener: H. Fischer 
Decadal to millennial scale climate variability of the late Quaternary
Convener: M.-S. Seidenkrantz  | Co-Conveners: A. Kuijpers , M.-A. Sicre , M. Faurschou Knudsen , S. O. Rasmussen , A. Svensson 
Palaeoclimate records in lakes
Convener: N. Fagel  | Co-Convener: M.-F. Loutre 
Temperature observations in the subsurface: contributions to climate sciences, soil sciences, permafrost, glaciology, hydrology, and heat flow studies
Convener: V. Rath  | Co-Conveners: J. Noetzli , F. González-Rouco , J. Safanda 
Biogeochemistry of Atmospheric Methane: Isotopes to Models (co-organized)
Co-Convener: M. Bock 
Reconstructing the climate of the last two millennia (including Hans Oeschger Medal Lecture) (co-organized)
Convener: J. Luterbacher  | Co-Conveners: F. González-Rouco , E. Zorita , L. von Gunten 
Phanerozoic marginal and terrestrial palaeoenvironments as archives of biotic and climatic change: records and proxy developments
Convener: S. Robinson  | Co-Conveners: U. Heimhofer , J. McElwain 
Walking on sunshine - Was human migration affected by past climate changes?
Convener: F. Viehberg  | Co-Conveners: K. Reicherter , F. Schäbitz , F. Lehmkuhl 
Late Cretaceous – Early Paleogene climate dynamics and time scales
Convener: S. Batenburg  | Co-Conveners: S. Voigt , A. S. Gale , T. Westerhold 
Ice-sheet and climate interactions
Convener: P. Huybrechts  | Co-Conveners: A. Ganopolski , T. Fichefet 
Glacial landforms and palaeoclimatic interpretation
Convener: S. Winkler  | Co-Conveners: M. Kirkbride , L. Iturrizaga 
CL2 –  Present climate
Arctic climate change: governing mechanisms and global implications
Convener: R. Bintanja  | Co-Convener: R. G. Graversen 
Seasons and phenology: Evidence from observations, reconstructions, measurements and models (co-sponsored by USA-NPN, PAGES & ILEAPS)
Convener: T. Rutishauser  | Co-Conveners: Menzel , E. Koch 
Urban climate, urban heat island and urban biometeorology
Convener: K. Kourtidis  | Co-Convener: K. De Ridder 
Hazard Risk Managment in Agriculture and Agroecosystems (co-organized)
Convener: A. M. Tarquis  | Co-Conveners: N. R. Dalezios , A. Gobin , van der Velde , M. Ruiz-Ramos 
Oral Programme
Poster Programme
Poster Summaries & DiscussionsPSD19.1 
Climate and infectious disease interactions
Co-Conveners: V. Ermert , A. Tompkins 
Vegetation-Atmosphere Interactions: From Emission to Atmospheric Particles and Climate (co-organized)
Convener: B. Bonn  | Co-Conveners: M. Boy , S. M. Noe 
Oral Programme
Poster Programme
Poster Summaries & DiscussionsPSD10.11 
Earth radiation budget, radiative forcing and climate change
Convener: M. Wild  | Co-Conveners: R. Philipona , P. Stackhouse 
Impact of solar and geomagnetic variabilities on the Earth's lower,middle and upper atmospheres (co-organized)
Convener: F.-J. Lübken  | Co-Conveners: J. Lilensten , T. Dudok de Wit , M. Kaufmann , P. Preusse 
Climate, water and health (co-organized)
Convener: A. Langousis  | Co-Conveners: A. Jutla , A. Kolovos , A. A. Carsteanu 
Climate, Hydrology and Water Infrastructure (co-organized)
Convener: D. Koutsoyiannis  | Co-Conveners: M. Mudelsee , J. de Lima , X. Wang 
State of the cryosphere: observations and modelling (co-organized)
Convener: J. Bamber  | Co-Conveners: F. Pattyn , S. Gruber , M. van den Broeke , T. Payne , S. Nowicki 
Advances in understanding of the multi-disciplinary dynamics of the Southern European Seas (Mediterranean and Black Sea) (co-organized)
Convener: S. Somot  | Co-Conveners: M. Grégoire , E. Özsoy , A. Pascual 
The North Atlantic: natural variability and global change
Convener: M. Rhein 
Oral Programme
Poster Programme
Poster Summaries & DiscussionsPSD7.16 
ENSO: Dynamics, Predictability and Modelling
Convener: E. Guilyardi  | Co-Conveners: M. J. McPhaden , A. Wittenberg 
Organic matter export across landscapes: Understanding the rates and controls
Convener: R. Hilton 
Sediment and carbon fluxes under human impact and climate changes
Convener: T. Hoffmann  | Co-Conveners: G. Erkens , G. Verstraeten 
Biochar for soil remediation and global warming mitigation
Convener: J. Paz-Ferreiro  | Co-Conveners: A. M. Tarquis , G. Gascó Guerrero , Méndez Lázaro , P. Pereira , A. Merino 
Hydrological change: Regional hydrological behaviour under transient climate and land use conditions
Convener: S. Hagemann  | Co-Conveners: H. Kunstmann , A. Bronstert 
Environmental and anthropogenic change affecting catchments and groundwater-dependent ecosystems
Convener: S. Schymanski  | Co-Conveners: S. Fatichi , B. Klöve , S. Manfreda , M. Sivapalan , C. Stumpp 
The global monsoon system: variability and dynamics
Convener: J. Li  | Co-Conveners: A. Turner , P. Terray 
Oral Programme
Poster Programme
Poster Summaries & DiscussionsPSD10.2 
CL3 –  Future climate
Extreme Events and Impacts
Co-Convener: S. Goyette 
Centennial, decadal, seasonal and monthly climate predictions (co-organized)
Convener: M. A. Liniger  | Co-Conveners: G. J. van Oldenborgh (deceased) , S. Vannitsem , F. J. Doblas-Reyes , R. Knutti , J. Annan , K. Frieler 
CL4 –  Past-Present-Future climates
Inter-Ocean Gateways: Past, Modern and Future Processes and Environments (co-organized)
Convener: K. Husum  | Co-Conveners: R. F. Spielhagen , G. Lohmann , U. Schauer , L. Jonkers , G. Knorr 
Mediterranean Climate: from past to future
Convener: P. Lionello  | Co-Convener: C. Goodess 
Modern and Palaeomonsoon
Co-Conveners: H. Schulz , A. Brauer 
Global and regional sea level rise and variability: from past to future (co-organized)
Convener: S. Jevrejeva  | Co-Conveners: A. Cazenave , A. Grinsted 
Oral Programme
Poster Programme
Poster Summaries & DiscussionsPSD9.6 
Tropical Climate Variability and Teleconnections: past, present and future (co-organized)
Convener: B. Rodríguez de Fonseca  | Co-Conveners: E. Mohino , T. Losada , J. Garcia-Serrano , F. Kucharski , I. Polo 
Aeolian dust, initiator, player, and recorder of environmental change (co-organized)
Convener: P. Knippertz  | Co-Convener: J.-B. Stuut 
Climate Change: Carbon Cycle, Mortality, Growth, and Shift of Forests (co-organized)
Convener: F. D Aprile  | Co-Convener: D. Dunkerley 
Synoptic climatology – methods and applications (co-organized)
Convener: C. Beck  | Co-Conveners: A. Philipp , P. D. J. Jacobeit 
Ice core science and paleo-climate – important for both the past and the future
Co-Conveners: Johnsen , J. White 
Reef and carbonate platform response to sea-level and environmental changes
Convener: G. Camoin  | Co-Convener: I. Jarvis 
Mid-latitude Cyclones and Storms: Diagnostics of Observed and Future Trends, and related Impacts
Convener: G. C. Leckebusch  | Co-Conveners: U. Ulbrich , J. G. Pinto 
CL5 –  Tools for climate studies
Advances in Quaternary Geochronology (co-organized)
Convener: T. Kiefer  | Co-Conveners: G. Duller , I. Hajdas , A. Lang , F. Parrenin , E. Wolff 
Stochasticity and Statistical Physics in Climate Dynamics (co-organized)
Convener: M. Ghil  | Co-Convener: V. Lucarini 
Climate Data Bias-Correction and Homogenization and Climate Trends and Variability Assessment (co-organized)
Convener: X. Wang  | Co-Conveners: E. Aguilar , W. Dorigo , P. Stepanek , M. Schroeder , R. de Jeu , D. Fernández Prieto , R. Roebeling 
Climate Time Series Analysis (co-organized)
Convener: M. Mudelsee  | Co-Convener: T. Lenton  
Climate Sensitivity (co-organized)
Convener: M. Crucifix  | Co-Conveners: H. A. Dijkstra , A. von der Heydt , P. L. Langen 
Instrumental monitoring of caves: the key to understanding anthropogenic impacts and climate-proxy relationships in speleothems (co-organized)
Co-Convener: C. Spötl 
Stable isotopes as a tool in (paleo-)climate studies in different environments and by multi-proxi approaches (co-organized)
Convener: A.-V. Bojar  | Co-Conveners: M. Werner , R. Siegwolf , A. Demény , D. R. Gröcke , M. Melinte-Dobrinescu , A. Perşoiu 
Regional Climate Modeling, projections and impacts (including CORDEX)
Convener: F. Giorgi  | Co-Convener: R. Arritt 
EuroFORUM 2012: Major achievements and perspectives in scientific ocean and continental drilling
Convener: C. Escutia  | Co-Conveners: U. Röhl , T. Wiersberg , R. Stein 
Climate Services - Underpinning Science
Convener: A. Dell'Aquila  | Co-Convener: P. M. Ruti 
Micropaleontology: a key to modern and ancient environments (co-organized)
Co-Convener: A. Sluijs 
Oral Programme
Poster Programme
Poster Summaries & DiscussionsPSD20.6 
Precipitation uncertainty and variability: observations, ensemble simulation and downscaling (co-organized)
Convener: R. Deidda  | Co-Conveners: T. Bellerby , G. Grossi , A. Langousis , X. Wang , S. Vogl , P. Laux 
Visualization and Data Analysis in Earth and Climate Science (co-organized)
Convener: N. Röber  | Co-Conveners: M. Böttinger , T. Nocke , M. Sips 
Palaeoclimate records from speleothems: analytical techniques, proxies, and application (sponsored by IAS)
Convener: D. Scholz  | Co-Conveners: D. Hoffmann , H. Stoll 
Oral Programme
Poster Programme
Poster Summaries & DiscussionsPSD15.3 
Calcification in marine organisms: ocean-acidification and proxy-development studies (including Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky Medal Lecture)
Convener: L. de Nooijer  | Co-Conveners: K. G. Schulz , A. Meibom 
Oral Programme
Poster Programme
Poster Summaries & DiscussionsPSD20.5 
CL6 –  Climate communication