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Programme Groups

HS2 –  Catchment hydrology
Observational hydrology: Recent developments in distributed sensing techniques and experimental catchments
Convener: H. Bogena  | Co-Convener: M. Weiler 
Hydrology and remote sensing for monitoring, modelling and improve the management of urban and rural water systems
Convener: G. Di Baldassarre  | Co-Conveners: J. Neal , M. Maglionico , G. J.-P. Schumann , F. Pappenberger , P. Matgen 
Mountain Hydrology: Monitoring and modeling of snow (merged with Sub-arctic hydrology)
Convener: J. Parajka  | Co-Conveners: M. Lehning , C. Ménard , H. Dahlke 
Hydrological extremes: from droughts to floods
Convener: A. Viglione  | Co-Conveners: L. M. Tallaksen , G. Laaha , A. Castellarin , J. Szolgay 
Monitoring Strategies: temporal trends in groundwater and surface water quality and quantity
Convener: H. P. Broers  | Co-Conveners: B. Kronvang , F. van Geer 
Observational hydrology: Recent development in isotope and other tracer methods
Convener: C. Stumpp  | Co-Convener: M. Weiler 
Large scale hydrology
Convener: D. Hannah  | Co-Conveners: H. Cloke , D. Rosbjerg , C.-Y. Xu 
Experimental design and measurement techniques in surface water/groundwater interaction studies
Convener: H. Hofmann  | Co-Convener: L. Stellato 
Oral Programme
Poster Programme
Poster Summaries & DiscussionsPSD16.1 
Hydrological change: Regional hydrological behaviour under transient climate and land use conditions
Convener: S. Hagemann  | Co-Conveners: H. Kunstmann , A. Bronstert 
Hydrology of temporary streams and basins
Convener: M. Kirkby  | Co-Conveners: M. Sivapalan , F. Gallart , R. Moussa 
Water quality at the catchment scale: Advances in measuring and modeling nutrient, sediment, and contaminant fluxes
Convener: B. Schmalz  | Co-Conveners: M. Rode , A. Wade , Y. van der Velde , S. Sauvage 
Water quality at the catchment scale: monitoring and modeling of micropollutants
Convener: P. Seuntjens  | Co-Conveners: C. Stamm , S. Reichenberger , T. Scheytt , T. Licha 
Catchment Similarity and Organisation
Convener: S. Archfield  | Co-Conveners: T. Wagener , A. Castellarin , B. McGlynn , E. Zehe , U. Ehret , U. Scherer 
Improving hypothesis testing in hydrology
Convener: F. Fenicia  | Co-Conveners: D. Kavetski , M. Clark 
Stable isotopes in geosciences - open session, including blocks of special attention (co-organized)
Convener: P. De Groot  | Co-Conveners: A.-V. Bojar , E. Kerstel , J. Smit , D. R. Gröcke , P. Negrel , E. Petelet-Giraud