Poster Program TP5


Lunar Science and Exploration
Convener: B. Foing  | Co-Conveners: H. Hiesinger , J. Carpenter 
Oral Program
 / Thu, 11 Sep, 14:00–17:30  / Room Uranus
 / Fri, 12 Sep, 09:00–12:18  / 14:00–17:33  / Room Jupiter
Poster Program
 / Attendance Thu, 11 Sep, 17:45–19:15  / Poster Area

Attendance Time: Thursday, 11 September 2014, 17:45–19:15
Poster Area
Chairperson: Bernard H. Foing
P60 EPSC2014-16
Striking analogies between global tectonic features of Earth and Moon as indication of common orbital structuring forces (withdrawn)
G. G. Kochemasov

Poster Area
P61 EPSC2014-118
Development of structure, metadata and access to products of Lunokhod panoramic image processing (withdrawn)
N. Kozlova, V. Patraty, A. Kokhanov, E. Matveev, A. Zubarev, A. Garov, I. Karachevtseva, I. Nadezhdina, and J. Oberst

Poster Area
Detection abilities of secondary craters based on the clustering analysis and Voronoi diagram
C. Honda, T. Kinoshita, N. Hirata, and T. Morota

Poster Area
Assessment of Spatial Distribution of Basin Scale Crater on the Lunar Surface
R. Ito, C. Honda, N. Hirata, and T. Morota

Poster Area
P64 EPSC2014-182
Lunar diurnal variations of microwave brightness temperatures from Chang'E-2 Microwave Radiometer (withdrawn)
Y. Zhu, Y. Zheng, and Y. Zou

Poster Area
On the Chemical Evolution of the Impact-Generated Protolunar Disk
B. Brugger, O. Mousis, S. Charnoz, and M. Ali-Dib

Poster Area
Method of the star catalogues analysis on the basis of occultation
Y. Nefedyev, N. Varaksina, N. Petrova, K. Churkin, R. Zabbarova, and A. Andreev

Poster Area
P67 EPSC2014-276
Chang'E Lunar Microwave Radiometer Data Analysis and Lunar Subsurface Temperature Profile Modelling (withdrawn)
W. Zhang and N. E. Bowles

Poster Area
A new model of the lunar ejecta cloud
A. A. Christou

Poster Area
GRAIL gravity field recovery using the short-arc integral equation technique
S. Krauss, B. Klinger, O. Baur, and T. Mayer-Gürr

Poster Area
Parameters of photoelectrons over the surface of the Moon
S. I. Popel, A. P. Golub’, Yu. N. Izvekova, V. V. Afonin, G. G. Dol’nikov, A. V. Zakharov, L. M. Zelenyi, E. A. Lisin, O. F. Petrov, and V.E. Fortov

Poster Area
Calculation of illumination conditions at the lunar south pole - parallel programming approach
R. Marco Figuera, P. Gläser, J. Oberst, and D. De Rosa

Poster Area
P72 EPSC2014-487
Ground-based Observations of Impact Flashes on the Moon (withdrawn)
A. Margonis, R. Luther, J. Oberst, F. Sohl, and J. Joachim

Poster Area
P73 EPSC2014-502
Meander properties of lunar sinuous rilles: Towards automatic extraction. (withdrawn)
A.I. Rauhala and V.-P. Kostama

Poster Area
Precise Orbit Determination of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and inferred gravity field information
A. Maier, O. Baur, and S. Krauss

Poster Area
P75 EPSC2014-639
In situ pyro-gc-ms analysis of lunar regolith to study the history of the moon and exogeneous delivery of materials to terrestrial planets (withdrawn)
C. Szopa, M. Gerasimov, P. Wurz, L. Hopfer, M. Cabane, P. Coll, A. Buch, A.G. Sapgir, S.A. Aseev, M.A. Zaitsev, and D. Coscia

Poster Area
Interpretation of the free libration of the Moon for the observations
N. Petrova, A. Gusev, Yu. Nefediev, and H. Hanada

Poster Area
Simulating parameters of lunar physical libration on the basis of its analytical theory
N. Petrova, A. Zagidullin, and Yu. Nefediev

Poster Area
Apollo 17 Landing Site: A Cartographic Investigation of the Taurus-Littrow Valley Based on LROC NAC Imagery
I. Haase, M. Wählisch, P. Gläser, J. Oberst, and M. S. Robinson

Poster Area
EPSC2014-751 | presentation
Working Towards Improved Lunar/Planetary Reference Frames
F. Hofmann, A. Löcher, P. Gläser, I. Haase, J. Müller, J. Kusche, J. Oberst, and E. Mai

Poster Area
Evolution of the presence of impact melt at the near-surface of the Moon
G. Michael, A. T. Basilevsky, T. Kneissl, and G. Neukum

Poster Area
Lunar Team Report from a Planetary Design Workshop at ESTEC
A. Gray, J. MacArthur, and B.H. Foing

Poster Area
Lunar Exploration and Science in ESA
J. Carpenter, B. Houdou, R. Fisackerly, D. De Rosa, B. Patti, J. Schiemann, B. Hufenbach, and B. Foing

Poster Area
P83 EPSC2014-846
L-VRAP: a Lunar Volatile Resource Analysis Package for in-situ determination of lunar volatiles and polar ices (withdrawn)
S Barbar, J Carpenter, M Anand, G H Morgan, A D Morse, S Sheridan, and I P Wright