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STM – Short courses and topical meetings

TM – Townhall meetings


ICDP-IODP Townhall Meeting
Convener: Thomas Wiersberg 
Tue, 25 Apr, 19:00–20:00


Polar change and implications for mid-latitude weather – science and policy for society in Europe
Convener: Joseph Nolan  | Co-Convener: Renuka Badhe 
Thu, 27 Apr, 19:00–20:00


How space data impacts EGU participants
Convener: Josef Aschbacher 
Mon, 24 Apr, 19:00–20:00


International Collaboration on e-Infrastructures and Data Management for Global Change Research
Convener: Rowena Davis 
Thu, 27 Apr, 19:00–20:00


Questioning the Formalizatin of the "Anthropocene"
Convener: Christine Cuomo 
Tue, 25 Apr, 19:00–20:00

TM6 Media

Future Missions to the Ice Giant Planets
Convener: Adam Masters  | Co-Conveners: Mark Hofstadter , Diego Turrini , Amy Simon , Chris Arridge , Leigh Fletcher , Romolo Politi , Davide Grassi 
Tue, 25 Apr, 19:00–20:00


Countdown to Drawdown: A Blueprint for the Rapid Reduction of Carbon Emissions and Atmospheric Concentrations
Convener: Mark McCaffrey 
Tue, 25 Apr, 19:00–20:00


Measuring waves and currents from space: the SKIM proposal for ESA EE9
Convener: Fabrice Ardhuin 
Tue, 25 Apr, 19:00–20:00


OSGeo: Open Source Scientific Software for Open Science
Convener: Peter Löwe  | Co-Conveners: Massimiliano Cannata , Edzer Pebesma , Jeff McKenna 
Thu, 27 Apr, 19:00–20:00


A discussion about low velocity particle observation with linear acoustic array probe on deep ocean floor, for research at related stages of basin deformations and tsunami events.
Convener: Dursun Acar  | Co-Convener: Bedri Alpar 
Thu, 27 Apr, 19:00–20:00

TM11 Media

Global environmental observations under pressure - new responsibilities for Europe?
Convener: Ari Asmi 
Thu, 27 Apr, 19:00–20:00


Trust is capital in research data repositories
Convener: Mustapha Mokrane  | Co-Conveners: Sandy Harrison , Isabelle Gärtner-Roer , Sanna Sorvari , Wim Hugo 
Tue, 25 Apr, 19:00–20:00


United Nations Expert Group on Space Weather: Strategy for Developing an International Framework for Space Weather Services (2018-2030)
Convener: Ian Mann 
Mon, 24 Apr, 19:00–20:00


Does a state of atmospheric greenhouse gas emergency exist?
Convener: Peter Carter 
Thu, 27 Apr, 19:00–20:00


Developing practical guidelines for editors and reviewers to avoid citation stacking and editorial malpractice
Convener: Hubert H.G. Savenije  | Co-Convener: Thies Martin Rasmussen 
Mon, 24 Apr, 19:00–20:00


European Research Council – Beyond the first ten years
Conveners: Claudia Jesus-Rydin , Rosaria Carbone , Nicolas Sifakis 
Thu, 27 Apr, 19:00–20:00


Town Hall on International Collaboration and Travel Amid the Global Rise of Nationalism and Populism
Conveners: Chris McEntee , Eric Davidson 
Thu, 27 Apr, 18:00–19:00