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Interdisciplinary Events
Disciplinary Sessions

EOS – Educational and Outreach Symposia


Geoscience Information for Teachers (GIFT) Workshop
Convener: Carlo Laj  | Co-Conveners: Francesca Funiciello , Annegret Schwarz , Chris King , Francesca Cifelli 


Geoscience Information for Teachers (GIFT) Workshop - hands-on activities (co-organized)
Convener: Jean Luc Berenguer  | Co-Conveners: Francesca Cifelli , Chris King 


Science in tomorrow's classroom (poster only session)
Convener: Eve Arnold  | Co-Conveners: Friedrich Barnikel , Jean Luc Berenguer , Francesca Cifelli , Francesca Funiciello , Chris King , Konstantinos Kourtidis , Carlo Laj , Stephen Macko , Annegret Schwarz , Phil Smith , Herbert Summesberger 


Science in tomorrow's classroom (poster only session) Teachers
Convener: Eve Arnold  | Co-Conveners: Friedrich Barnikel , Jean Luc Berenguer , Carlo Laj , Francesca Cifelli , Francesca Funiciello , Christopher King , Konstantinos Kourtidis , Stephen Macko , Annegret Schwarz , Phil Smith , Herbert Summesberger 


Geoethics: ethical, social and cultural implications of geoscience knowledge, education, communication, research and practice
Convener: Silvia Peppoloni  | Co-Conveners: Nic Bilham , Giuseppe Di Capua , Martin Bohle , Eduardo Marone 


Soil science education, outreach and your favorite soil maps (co-organized)
Convener: Jacqueline Hannam  | Co-Conveners: Damien Field , Sigbert Huber , Takashi Kosaki , Bradley Miller 


Communication and Education in Geoscience: Practice, Research and Reflection
Convener: Sam Illingworth  | Co-Conveners: Heidi Roop , Mathew Stiller-Reeve 


Scientists, artists and the Earth: co-operating for a better planet sustainability
Convener: Tiziana Lanza  | Co-Conveners: Niamh Shaw , Sam Illingworth , Giuliana D'Addezio , Vincenzo Sapia 


Effective Project and Research Management – What does that mean?
Convener: Sylvia Walter  | Co-Conveners: Sofia Alexiou , Luisa Cristini , Ivo Grigorov , Daniela Henkel , Chiel Stroeven 


Classroom-sized earth science experiments
Convener: Martin H. Trauth  | Co-Conveners: Bodo Bookhagen , Simon Schneider , Jens Tronicke 


Promoting and supporting equality of opportunities in geosciences (co-sponsored by JpGU)
Convener: Claudia Alves de Jesus Rydin  | Co-Conveners: Caroline P. Slomp , Alberto Montanari , Sebastian Sobek , Helen Glaves , Bárbara Ferreira , David Gallego Torres 


Climate Change Education
Convener: Robin Matthews  | Co-Conveners: Anne Gold , Helena Martins , David Wilgenbus , Sylvia Knight 


Vision for Earth Observations in 2040
Convener: Jack Kaye  | Co-Convener: Lars-Peter Riishojgaard 


Ocean Science Literacy
Convener: Giuseppe M.R. Manzella  | Co-Conveners: Steve Hall , Nadia Pinardi , Francesca Santoro 


Innovation in Geoscience, Hydrology and Engineering Education (co-organized)
Convener: Ana Maria Tarquis  | Co-Conveners: Leonor Rodriguez-Sinobas , Nejc Bezak , Encarnación Taguas , Lieke Melsen , V. Merwade , Guillaume Thirel , Mojca Sraj 


Games for Geoscience
Convener: Christopher Skinner  | Co-Conveners: Rolf Hut , Sam Illingworth 


ECORD IODP Outreach: Past, Present and Future
Convener: C. Cotterill  | Co-Conveners: Jean Luc Berenguer , Ulrike Prange , Dan Brinkhuis 


Geodiversity and geoheritage: pending and emerging issues and challenges (co-sponsored by JpGU) (co-organized)
Convener: Fabien Hobléa  | Co-Conveners: José Brilha , Paola Coratza , Marco Giardino , Kevin Page , Dolores Pereira , Kyung-Sik Woo , Zbigniew Zwoliński , Benjamin van Wyk de Vries , Alicja Najwer 


New demands on future scientist by the digital age - Preparation by research oriented teaching, data management and digital platforms (co-organized)
Convener: Dirk Fleischer  | Co-Conveners: Kirsten Elger , Fiona Murphy